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Not unless the seller approves of it. Otherwise you just bought yourself a car. There is no cooling off period on the purchase of a car.

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Q: FL - used dealer car purchase contract signed deposit made can you change your mind?
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Can a car dealer change the terms of the deal i.e mileage if they have already taken my deposit?

If all you have done is give them a deposit then they can do almost whatever they want. If you have a contract you may have additional rights.

Can you cancel a vehicle sale contract and get your deposit back if the dealer did not get you to sign it?

Without a signature, there is no contract. If you want your money back the dealer is obligated to give it to you.

Can you get a refund on a car deposit?

It depends on circumstances, Why are you not getting the car?,,,,,,,,,,,,, Who were you getting it from?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, When did you place deposit?,,,,,,,,,, Any other details? Dealer is in another state. No contract signed. Deposit was to indicate actual interest, but not a contract.

What if a car dealer takes your deposit but then can't get financing?

If the financing was being arranged by the dealer he should return your deposit. However, if you were arranging the financing then it is not his fault and depending on the wording of your contract he may be entitled to keep your deposit.

Can you return your car to the dealership after you signed a contract?

Yes, the dealer can cancel the contract but it is within 10 days of the date on the purchase contract.

My son 17 years old bough a car from a dealer lost his job can the dealer give my son his dowmpaymet and cacel the contract?

I doubt that your sons deposit will be refundable, however depending on the dealer, he may cancel the contract upon the return of the vehical. I doubt that your sons deposit will be refundable, however depending on the dealer, he may cancel the contract upon the return of the vehical.

Can a car dealer cash a deposit check before the contract is completed?

Yes, they can cash a deposit check before any contract is completed. The purpose of a deposit check is to hold a vehicle for a person while they are waiting on the financing to go through.

Can you get out of a contract to purchase a used RV from a dealer but have not taken delivery of unit in NY State?

You cannot get out of a contract unless the dealer lets you out. Just because you haven't taken delivery, doesn't mean you aren't liable for the terms of the contract.

Can you cancel a new car purchase if car hasn't arrived?

If you have not signed a contract to purchase the vehicle then yes you can walk away. If however you have signed a purchase agreement, then you had better ask the dealer very nicely if you can get out of the contract.

Can the auto dealer change the financing options on a fully completed auto contract after the fact?

not without the sighners and cosighners consent, you signed a contract and only that contract, it is suggested you consult with a lawer if the dealer does not correct the problem

Can you win in court if a dealer gives you a contract making you lie about a car purchase?

Most likely but that is illegal

If you pay cash for a car and both parties sign the contract can the car dealer take the car?

The car dealer cannot take the car if it is paid for according to the contract. The dealer cannot change their mind and take back the car after the contract is signed and money has been exchanged.

Can the auto dealer refuse to return deposit of car if they fail to get the car you want?

I tried to purchase a car from dealer A because they offered the best price, but the car was actually in deal B's inventory. Dealer A promised me they would get the car for me so I paid the deposit $4000 to them.Now a week has passed, dealer A told me that they have contacted deal B several times, but dealer B still refused to give the car to them. Furthermore, dealer B found me and offered price match, and said even if I don't buy it from them, they will never send the car to deal A. So in order to get the car I like, I will have to purchase it from dealer B.Since dealer A have failed to fulfill their promise on getting the car, I think the fault is on them. In addition, I paid the deposit in credit card, leaving a way for future dispute.My question is, how to ask dealer A to cancel the purchase and get my deposit back? Any suggestions?

In the State of Florida How many days do you have to cancel a new car purchase contract.?

There is no 3 day to cancel a new car purchase contract. The only time you have 3 days if the dealer came to your house or place of business and Solicit you. There is no 3 day to cancel a new car purchase contract. The only time you have 3 days if the dealer came to your house or place of business and Solicit you. ------------------------------------------------------------- Always read your contract before you deal with dealer, And I think is 10 days is very common for cancel your contract but it all are depend on your down payment & dealer's financial condition.

Cand I void the contract for a new car purchase if the car never left the lot?

Not if you signed the papers and paid for it, unless the selling dealer agrees. You cannot simply void a contract you have already signed. Legally you are bound to that contract. Talk to the selling dealer. You have 3 business days to cancel the contract.

Can you get out of contract of a new vehicle when the contract you signed is not the car?

If the car that the dealer delivers is not the car that is identified in the contract, then the DEALER is in default, not you.

In New Jersey how many days to you have to return a new car you purchased from a car dealer?

Read the contract that you signed when you made the purchase

Will my downpayment be returned if i returned my car to the dealer within 3 months?

Not unless there is some very special language in your purchase contract.

Does your partial downpayment have to be returned to you if you never paid the balance and the dealer repossessed the car a few weeks after purchase?

NOT unless the contract stipulates that it will be. Otherwise, it is a contract in DEFAULT with the collateral in the lenders possession.

Does Virginia have a 3 day right of rescission for purchase of cars?

No, Virginia code does not require a three day rescission policy. It is not uncommon that a dealer will included on in their contract, however that is done on a dealer by dealer basis, and is in no way required by the state.

Once you have a signed contract from a dealer can the dealer go back on his word?

Once you and the dealer have signed the contract, it is a binding contract agreement and it responsible by law. You can take him to court if he doesn't keep his part of the agreement.

Can the dealer have power of attorney over your title if they financed it?

They will be listed as having a lien on the title. Check the purchase contract carefully to see what their rights are.

Once a contract is signed can the dealer increase the price and void your original contract?

If you have both signed the contract and it is legally valid, then NO, the seller cannot change the terms of the contract or unilaterally void the contract (unless the contract states that the seller is allowed to do this). If you are in doubt, you need to talk to a lawyer ASAP.

Can you return a new car if the dealer made a mistake on the contract?

You can return a new car if the dealer made a mistake on the contract depending on the type of mistake. If the dealer place the wrong vehicle on the contract, you could return the vehicle.

If you return a car within 30 days of purchase from a dealer what can they do in Ohio?

What does 30 days have to do with you signing a contract to pay X number of $$$ per month for XXX months?? Is there something in the contract about "30 days"?