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Facebook Texas holdem name change?

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If playing the GameDesire version, create a new account on their website, then donate all chips from facebook account to new account name BEFORE you merge your new account and facebook account, otherwise you will LOSE ALL CHIPS.....then merge both accounts on their website, and then your new username will be used on the facebook app as well as their site itself

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What is the name of the Facebook poker website?

One of the main facebook poker applications is Novi Poker. the website is https://apps.facebook.com/texas-holdem-poker or http://www.novipoker.com

How do you edit your profile name on Texas hold-em in Facebook?

U can not change your profile name on Texas Hold'Em on Facebook, assuming you are playing Zynga Poker. It automatically uses your account name from Facebook, depending on your Facebook settings this can either be your first name or name.

What is the proper encoding for Texas holdem poker?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'encoding' but the proper name for it Texas Hold'em

When did the Facebooks name change?

Mark Zuckerberg change the name "The Facebook" to 'Facebook" in August of 2005.

How I can change my name in Farmville?

Yes, if you change your name on Facebook, it will change on farmville. You can do it through the "Account" then "account settings" in the upper left hand corner of Facebook. But you cannot just change the Farmville name and keep your old Facebook name. This doesn't work, as I tried it already to change my facebook name, but still the farmiville name is the same.....

How do you change your name in FarmVille on facebook?

On farmville you can not change your name.

How do you change your cartown name?

You change your facebook profile name first.

Can't change my facebook name?

You change your name on facebook by going to the upper right corner, selecting account, account settings, then theres and option to change your name and bingo.

How can you change the name of your farmer in FarmVille?

The name of your farmer can only match your name on Facebook. It will change, if you will change your Facebook's name.

Can you change your name in FarmVille?

no, your name is your name in facebook ,but you can change your gender and hair by clicking on your person

How do you change you yahoo on facebook?

First you can login on facebook and then Go to setting->then click on privacy setting->change there your name..

How do you hide your real name on Facebook?

you cant hide your name on facebook if you really want it you can change your name to a different one. hope it helps.

How do you change your name on Facebook?

first, you have to log into your facebook account. second, you click on account and click on account settings. third, the name should be the very first and you look to the right and there is a word edit or change, you click it and you can change your name. but you can only change your name limited times

What will be my complete Facebook name if you create it on Facebook?

If your name is say, Jenna Elisabeth Mullinex, it might be Jenna Mullinex. 9 you can change it )

How do you change your heroes name on super hero city on facebook?

On the merit page you can change your name for 1 mp.

How do you change your name on facebook wild ones?

You click on the account tab and then "change" and type your desired name into "Display full name"

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