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Facial hair growth?

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yes, thank you very much, it grows.

and go learn how to ask questions to get answers that make sense.

2009-09-13 10:57:41
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Q: Facial hair growth?
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Is there is any medicine for facial hair growth?

No, there is not any medication to cause facial hair growth.

Can a woman grow facial hair herself?

yeah sure if you want !! However, women's hormones affects the growth of facial hair (e.g. progesterone slower the growth facial hair growth), so normally you wont get the same thick facial hair that men have

Which gender experiences greater facial hair growth?

Males experience greater facial hair growth. It usually starts around age 14 during the onset of puberty. Facial hair growth is accompanied by a lowered voice and pubic hair.

How can you increase your facial hair growth?

Shaving makes your facial hair grow longer and thicker.

Does high testosterone levels increase facial hair growth?

goat blood and horse radish are known to increase facial hair growth

Does lithium cause facial hair growth?

IIt definitely makes my facial hair grow more

Does garlic help facial hair growth?


Does coitus stimulate facial hair growth?


What minerals increase the growth of facial hair?


How can you increase facial hair growth?


What causes female facial hair growth?


Does testosterone cause facial hair growth?


How do you Slow Facial Hair Growth in men?


How do you use olive oil on face to improve facial hair growth?

you don't it doesn't affect hair growth

How can you slow down male facial hair growth?


Does steaming pores speed up facial hair growth?


How do you speed up your facial hair growth?

Honestly, no way.

Is facial hair growth is responsible for sperm content and its quality?


What type of doctor can advise for men's facial hair growth problem?

Either a dermatologist (skin doctor) or an endocrinologist (hormone doctor) can advise regarding men's facial hair growth problems.

What things can you do to speed up the growth of your facial hair?

Genetics decide weather you have alot of facial hair or not.. It's testosterone levels in your body. Without testorone you wouldn't even be able to grow facial hair.

How can someone slow down the growth of facial hair?

Shave, herp.

Does olive oil help facial hair get darker if you rub olive oil all over your face?

No it doesn't but it will stimulate your hair follicles because it Is made to make your hair grow. But it will increase the growth rate of your facial hair because your rubbing your face which is increasing the blood cirrulation in the hair follicles and stimulating the hairs resulting in increased growth rate of your facial hair.

Does Rogaine work on facial hair?

Rogaine is a vasodilator which counteracts the constricting effect of DHT on the hair follicles. Since the effectiveness of Rogaine is not uniformly conclusive on regular hair growth, I would say it is unlikely that Rogaine would have any noticeable effect on facial hair growth. If you want thicker facial hair you need an androgenic supplement or testosterone booster.

Does growth of height and growth facial hair have any relation?

No, I have a moustache, yet am very short for my age.

Why do beards grow?

Beards are simply hair folicles, their growth is no different than your hair. However, women do not have the needed hormones in order to stimulate facial hair growth.