Fact about basketball?


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You dribble the ball, pass it or shoot. :)

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George Mikan did the 1st NBA 3-peat with the Minneapolis Lakers

Yes, in fact the bumps on a basketball do look like pimples!

The bumps on a basketball, called pebbling, are quite numerous. In fact, there are 9,342,059 of them on a regulation size basketball.there are 1,234,469,623

Basketball means nothing in German. Basketball is an English word. The word derived from the fact that you shoot a ball into a basket to score.

no. in fact, the ankle supports the ankle during a basketball game.

Michael Jordan currently doesn't play basketball due to the fact that he is retired.

I think it does because of the fact that basketball is more popular than baseball.

Is Basketball is a much more exciting sport than golf

Indeed there is. There are multiple in fact, at ESPN, Facebook, etc.

Yes he do have hobbies, in fact one of them was basketball

a lot of them most of them as a matter of fact

There are many similarities between basketball and lacrosse. In fact, the inventor of basketball used to be a lacrosse coach. Defenses are mostly run the same and many of the same rules apply to both sports.

They are, in fact, very different from each other. Soccer dribbling only involves the feet and basketball only with hands.

A important fact about Dr. James Naismith was that he invented basketball because he used to play a game called Duck on a Rock which made him want to invent a sport; alas a game that you may play in winter. So he invented basketball. Thus; creating basketball, one of the most popular sports in the world.

In fact, you can buy online, they are more cheap and you have more choices. This online shop is good, you can have a try. Yes they can be for basketball or for casual ;)

One major basketball violation is the fact that players can foul each other. When a player fouls the other, they may be able to score more points in the game.

Someone who is uber awesome at basketball and his real name is Wyatt Leonard P.S i respect the basketball skill level of RAV and Callum despite the fact that it is very low.

what college did James Naismith go to? in which facility did basketball get invented? in which state was basketball invented? what does NCAA,CBA and NBA stand for? what was the first college basketball league called? name two teams which were in this league. what was the most interesting fact you learned about history of basketball? thank you!

Gravitational force can be related to basketball by the simple fact that gravity is what causes the ball to go in the basket (of course if you shoot it right) after you shoot and also allows you to dribble.

The whole concept in the usage of basketball nets on a basketball rim might be due to fact that some other professional sports make use of nets at there goal points. Also because of the nature of the sports, it might have something to do with projectile motion.

University of Florida Gators. A little fun fact: Florida won both the Football national championship and the basketball national championship in the same year

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