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Rosa Parks had no children

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Q: Facts about Rosa parks
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Can you List facts about Rosa Parks?

Rosa parks did not get arrested............... thank u :)

What are 7 facts about Rosa Parks?


What are facts or events of Rosa Parks?

she sat on a bus

What are some facts about Rosa Parks?

she's a lesbian

What are some rare facts about Rosa parks?

she's a lesbian

What is 50 facts about Rosa parks?

born febuary 4,1913

What some other facts about rosa parks?

She was good for America.

Rosa parks facts?

Rosa Parks was born in Alabama in 1913. She is known for being an activist for African American civil rights.

Facts about Rosa parks childhood?

rosa parks was the first woman who fought for the cilvil rights without her things ill not be right

What web sits have facts about Rosa Parks?

go to Google and type in Rosa Parks and its from Wikipedia. i hope you find some answers. ;)

Give me family facts about Rosa parks?

A couple of facts about rosa parks family is her dad Jim McCauly left her for good when she was five her mom Leona Edwards McCauly raised her all her life.

What were facts in Rosa Parks life?

she was born December 1st 1955 on Thursday

Who did Rosa Parks and Raymond Parks care for?

Rosa Parks and Raymond Parks cared for Rosa's mother.

Who did Rosa Parks marry?

Rosa Parks married to Raymond Parks in 1932

What did they call Rosa Parks?

rosa parks

What are the best facts about Rosa Parks?

Rosa Parks was a famous African-American leader. She basically was the reason why boycotts were started, and helped fuel the civil rights movement.

Who was Rosa Parks' husband?

Rosa Parks' husband was Raymond Parks.

Who married to Rosa Parks?

raymond parks married rosa parks

Rosa parks uncle name?

Rosa Parks uncles name was Robert McCauley. I found this answer in the book: My story Rosa Parks, by Rosa Parks

Did Raymond Parks cheat on Rosa Parks?

No, Raymond Parks was faithful to Rosa Parks.

Thesis on Rosa parks PLEASE?

rosa parks :)

What inspired Rosa Parks?

what inspired rosa parks?

Was Rosa Parks assassinated?

No, Rosa Parks was not assassinated.

What is Rosa parks job?

Rosa Parks was a secrearian

Who was Rosa Parks' sister?

Rosa Parks did not have a sister.