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Famous Motocross rider?


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#1 would be Ricky Carmichael

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He is a famous motocross rider that rides for Monster and Redbull

a famous motocross rider

He is a Moto GP racer, not a motocross racer.

A professional motocross rider, born 1996. Made famous by god.

Ryan Villipoto is a famous motocross racer who won the 2011 title and many many more titles

Mike Jones - motocross rider - was born in 1966.

Mark Jones - Motocross rider - was born in 1979.

Jeremy McGrath. He revolutionized the sport of motocross/supercross in the 90's and early 00's. He's also referred to as "The King".

Ailo Gaup - motocross rider - was born on 1979-01-22.

The Best NON-FREESTYLE motocrosser in England is Zac Osbourne the best motocross rider in the world is Carlos Campano

Right now it would have to be Travis Pastrana. Maybe not the best but he has promoted and done more for the advancement of freestyle than any other rider at this time.

Ride, provide maintenance for bike and train.

The best freestyle motocross rider in the world is Travis Pastrana by far. He has won countless gold medals and not to mention the first person in recorded history to pull off a double backflip. He is a motocross legend.

Ricky Charmicheal is by far the best motocross rider ever. He has won the most Championships and races. James Stewart is the best that is still active. And then It will be Ryan Dungey.

Yes every motocross/supercross rider is given a digit of some sort like 31, A22 or just J this is how competitors are lap scored and recognised

Ricky Carmicheal (GOAT - Greatest Of All Time)

Brian is a professional Freestyle Motocross rider and a founding member of the Metal Mulisha. Deegan was the first ever to do a 360. He is the most decorated Freestyle Motocross rider in X Games history with 10 total medals.

no you just have to work your way up

The Australian-born motocross rider Chad Reed was born in the city of Kurri Kurri, Australia on March 15th, 1982. Kurri Kurri is in the province of New South Wales.

A whip is when the rider rotates the motorcycle sideways in a "whipping" motion while in the air.

James was born born December 21, 1985.

Kevin windom.....and has been for a long time

One of the top riders had to be Jeremy McGrath

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