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Famous animals in the ny?

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What are the most Common animals in NY?

In NY City- dogs and pigeons.

What special animals are there in NY?


Who were famous explorers of NY?

Some explorers were Fredrick Williams, He discovered NY.

How many animals are there in the ny state?


Are there famous animals in the Tower of London?

The famous animals in the Tower are the ravens.

What is a famous NY author?

Onique Clowers

Are there 5 famous people from NY?

hundreds of famous people are from new york

Which is the most famous hotel in Roosevelt NY?

There are a few different famous hotels. However, there is none that are Famous in Roosevelt, NY. Roosevelt is a little Hamlet outside of NYC. There is a famous hotel in NYC named after former President Roosevelt which is extremely famous but it is not located in Roosevelt.

What is a famous Amusement Park in NY?

6 flags

What are the names of some animals that begin with Ny?


Famous concert in rural Ny in the summer of 1969?


Is it illegal to spit?

Mostly in cities. NY Subways are famous for it.

Who is a Famous Scientist after 1950?

bill ny the science guy

Famous people who live in garrison ny?

George Pataki

What are some reasons for NY to be famous?

Niagara falls, Manhattan

Who is a famous patriot in New york NY?

paul revere

What famous people were born in Hollis NY?

Curt kodare

What famous people live in upstate ny?

Pete mastrantonio

What is Monterrey famous for?

Monterrey Mexico is famous for it's business. It's like a mini NY or Chicago.

What is St Francis of Assisi famous for?

he is famous for looking after animals

What are the names of Famous people who lived in Weedsport NY?

JP Harbin

What famous actor lived in homer ny?

Frank Sinatra I recall

What famous basketball player was born in peekskill ny?

elton brand

What are some famous animals in the southwest region?

the famous animals in the southwest are wolves, jack rabbits, praire dogs and coyotes.

What are some famous national parks in new york?

Famous National Parks in New York are: Saratgoa (Stillwater, NY) and Women's Rights (Seneca Falls, NY). There are many other National Historic Sites - Eleanor Roosevelt (Hyde Park, NY), Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt (Hyde Park, NY), Martin Van Buren (Kinderhook, NY), Sagamore Hill (Oyster Bay, NY), Saint Paul's Church (Mount Vernon, NY), Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace (New York, NY), and Vanderilt Mansion (Hyde Park, NY).

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