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Type your answer here... ok peple who fought for social justice
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What famous people fought for justice?

martin Luther king and mother Teresa

Who are some famous celebrities that have fought for justice?

Nelson Mandela

Which Christians fought for justice?

Martin Luther King has fought for justice

Who did Rosa Parks try to achieve justice and freedom for?

She fought for the justice and freedom for the black people of America.

Who were the famous people that fought in the battle of Saratoga?

i think that george washinton fought in the war

Who were the famous people that fought at Alamo?

Bowie, Crockett, and Travers are three who fought at the Alamo.

What was the newspaper that fought for racial justice?

republic justice

Is there a list of famous people who live in Florida?

Victoria justice

Who were some famous people that fought in the civil war?

robert pattinson

What famous people fought in the battle of Yorktown?

Famous people that fought in the Battle of Yorktown include George Washington and Charles Cornwallis. The battle took place between September 28 and October 29, 1781.

How is chief justice taney famous?

he was the first chief justice and that how he was famous

Why was Manuel Quezon considered as The Father of Social Justice?

Manuel Quezon is considered to be the father of social justice because he was one of the first people to want social justice in his country. As president of the Philippines he fought to make laws to help the people.

Name some of the famous people who fought in world war 2?


What to famous people fought for Justin Bieber to sing with them?

Justin timberlake and usher!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who were some famous people who fought in world war 2?

adolf hitler

Why was Ella Baker so Famous?

She was famous because she fought for freedom and peace bettween white and black people

What is all the famous people that live in Florida?

walt diseny and victoria justice

Use justice in a sentence?

he is famous for his justice

Why famous people get away easy from criminal behavior than non famous people?

Mostly because one can usually get as much "justice" as they can pay for.

Who are famous people from the years 1790- 1859?

John Marshall was a famous Supreme Court Justice during this time.

What famous people fought prejudice or discrimination?

Rosa Parks , Martin Luther king

Who are some famous Australian social justice people?

i love emailing but txting is better

What famous people go on stardoll?

taylor swift,selena gomez and victoria justice

What famous people were born on February 19?

Victoria Justice was born on Feb. 19th

What did Mother Teresa fight for?

She fought for social justice.