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The father does, since the mother is paying her share towards the children in the form of child support.

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Does the mother have to pay child support?

Yes. If the father has sole custody or physical custody the mother will be required to pay child support under normal circumstances. Both parents are responsible for supporting their children.

Do i have to pay child support if the parent who has custody makes more money in sc?

Yes , you still have an obligation to support your children .The court will take into account your income and living expenses ,but, you will still have to pay child support.

Why would a birth mother be getting served papers from her kids uncle if she hasn't had custody for 7 yrs?

If he has custody of the children he may be petitioning the court for a child support order against the mother.If he has custody of the children he may be petitioning the court for a child support order against the mother.If he has custody of the children he may be petitioning the court for a child support order against the mother.If he has custody of the children he may be petitioning the court for a child support order against the mother.

Can the noncustodial parent receive child support from the custodial parent if it is in court papers that there is joint custody of children?

It is assumed you mean the parents have joint legalcustody and one parent has physical custody.Generally, the parent with physical custody is awarded the child support since child support is intended to help pay for the child needs, living expenses and all the associated costs of raising the child. The custodial parent has much more in living expenses that are associated with raising the child.See related question link.

Does Vanna White get child support?

She was awarded custody of the children in her divorce. Custody would normally include child support

In Texas if the mother has custody of the children and goes to prison does the father still have to pay child support?

Yes, if the father is not given custody he will be obligated to keep paying support to whomever the court awards custody or guardianship of the children.

If my child father is deceased and I don't have full custody of our kids do I have to pay child support?

You may have to pay child support to the one who has custody of your children.

Do you have to have custody to file for child support?

Your question could be read in different ways. Child support is intended only for the support of children and their needs. If the children are in the custody of (living with and being supported by) someone who is not the parent on a regular basis, that person must petition the court to be appointed the legal guardian and then petition for a child support order against the parents. If you are the parent then you must have custody in order to get child support. If your children are in the custody of someone else, such as the example provided above, you cannot receive child support.

How can a father avoid paying child support if the grandmother gets custody?

My answer to that would be 'No'. The father is responsible for providing child-support regardless of who has custody of the child; at least until the age of 18.

Why does your boyfriend have to pay child support when he has joint custody of his kids you live together and have a child of your own?

The answer is simple:Child support is paid to the parent who has physical custody of the children by the parent who does not support the children in a residential setting on a daily basis. The child support goes toward the expense of providing a home and necessities for the children.Your boyfriend has to pay child support because he is the children's father and therefore legally responsible for the children's support.You and your child have nothing to do with your boyfriend's obligation to pay child support for his other children.Now, the questions that you should consider are: Why should your boyfriend get to not support his children because he has started another family with you? Should he be allowed to leave you eventually, start a third family, and not help support the children he makes with you?

Are both parents responsible for pre-school bill in Indiana?

It will depend on the marital status. If they are married, yes, they are equally responsible. If they are divorced, or never married, the court order determines child support and responsibility for the children and their expenses.

Do you have to pay for orthodontic work for your child if you pay support?

You need to review your divorce decree, separation agreement and child support order to determine what expenses you may be responsible for in addition to your child support payments. Non-custodial parents often share the responsibility for child expenses that are beyond the usual needs.

When a mother loses custody of her 3 minor children due to drug use and custody is given to the sister who receives the child support?

If the custody order is done through a court of law, the sister will receive (and needs) child support.

What are the custody laws for out of state children?

do i have to pay child support if he go in the job corp

What can you do if you know a parent receiving child support but doesn't have custody of the children?

Encourage the person or persons with legal custody to file for child support modification or diversion of funds to them. If they do not have legal custody, that must be established or child support will continue to go to the person of record, the parent, in this case.

Can a legal guardian sue parents of child for child support?

Yes. If the legal guardian has custody and is not the biological parent, the biological parents have to support their child and pay her for the child's expenses.

What happens to child support when the children are in dss custody?

You should contact your attorney. It is likely that you should be paying the support to DSS.

Who is financially responsible for child in residential custody?

Both parents are. The parent who does not have residential custody usually pay child support to the one who has residential custody to be used to pay for the child. Both have to pay for their child.

What has the author Gloria F DeHart written?

Gloria F. DeHart has written: 'International enforcement of child support and custody' -- subject(s): Child support, Conflict of laws, Custody of children

What are the legal ways to avoid paying child support?

Accept custody of your children. Someone has to support them, and I'd prefer that it be you instead of the taxpayer.

Can motion for temporary child support be reversed?

Only if it can be shown that the parent does not have possession or custody of the children.

Does a father still pay child support if he assumes custody for one of two children?

You will need to take this up with the courts to get the original custody order changed.

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