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There are 3 main features that can be found on all photocopiers. These features include document and image copier, document size adjustment, and binding and sorting of documents.

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Is photocopier an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. The word photocopier is a noun, a thing.

What does a photocopier do?

a photocopier copies paper or pictures

What is a sentence for photocopier?

I'm sorry, the photocopier is broken.

What is the role of a photocopier?

A photocopier is a common sight in any office environment. The role of the photocopier is to make copies of what you put into it.

When were photocopier invented?

The photocopier was invented in the year 1959. Xerox was the company that released the first photocopier. Chester Carlson was the inventor of the machine.

I know that you can register an interest in a photocopier that you supply on credit but can you register an invoice for repairs that kept the photocopier working against the photocopier?

not sure

What is Maintenance and cleaning requirement of photocopier?

cleaning procedure for Canon 2420 photocopier

What is a sentence for the word photocopier?

The photocopier was not working, so the teacher could not copy the assignment to hand out to students. She did not know how to use the photocopier, so the teacher helped her.

Who invented the photocopier?

Chester Carlson developed the xerography process and invented the first photocopier.

How are microprocessors used in photocopier?

The role of a microprocessor in a photocopier controls the display on the front of the machine. Also the microprocessor sends signal to the motor to move parts of the photocopier, so that the paper can come out.

Advantages of a photocopier?

there is none.

How a photocopier works?


What is a photocopier powered by?


What is the history of photocopier?

The inventor of the photocopier is Chester Carlson. He created a process called electrophotography and in 1938, this was renamed as xerography.

What are the photocopier consumables?

Anything that has to be replaced regularly. For a photocopier the ink toners, paper and thermal film are some examples.

What actors and actresses appeared in Photocopier - 2006?

The cast of Photocopier - 2006 includes: Cuan Jacques as Narrator

Where can you purchase a color photocopier?

You can purchase a color photocopier at a variety of stores. Future Shop, Staples, Office Depot, Grand & Toy are just a few examples of stores you could purchase a color photocopier.

Correct the vague pronoun reference. John took the toner from the photocopier and threw it away?

The vague pronoun reference: does the pronoun 'it' refer to the photocopier or the toner.Examples of rewording the sentence:From the photocopier, John took the toner and threw it away.John took the photocopier toner and threw it away.

Purpose of photocopier?

The purpose of a photocopier is to reproduce documents, pictures, and other items. They are found in offices all over the world.

What do camera photocopier and slide projector have in common?

A camera, a photocopier, and a slide projector all use lenses to perform their functions.

How does the photocopier work?

i dont now

Does a photocopier use light?


What is an example of a complex machine?

a photocopier

Where can one get a photocopier lease?

The website Copy Machine World provides a form where one can get quotes from five local photocopier companies. From there one can choose the best deal. Some of the photocopier companies represented are Canon, Toshiba, Xerox, and Sharp.

How does the photocopier use static electricity?