Urinary Tract Infections (bladder infections)

Feels like a urinary traction infection but isn't what is wrong?

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Painful urination can be due to infection, irritation, allergy, or trauma. Frequency can be due to anatomical problems like fibroids, hormonal problems, pregnancy, or nervousness. See your health care provider for evaluation.

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What is wrong when a little blood comes from the urinary tract?

Urinary tract infection, kidney or bladder infection are top3 see your doctor ASAP

What is wrong if it feels like you have to pee all the time but when you go only a little comes out?

It is quite possible you have a UTI (urinary tract infection). A course of antibiotics would cure you in a week. Visit your doctor.

Your man says it hurts when he wees what is wrong?

He either has a urinary tract infection or possibly an STD. He should go to a doctor.

What is wrong with a man who is running a fever and peeing pink?

Fever means there is an infection, and if his urine is pink it means there is blood in the urine. Most probably he has a kidney or urinary track infection. He may take chemical or natural antibiotics for the infection.

If urinary tract infection is recurrent within seven days of antibiotic course was it eliminated in the first place?

Urinary tract infection is growth or colonization in wrong places of bacteria that you have in your digestive system. - Escherichia coli. The cure may have eliminated the bacteria from the urinary tract, but you may have a weakness so that the bacteria easily colonize the urinary system once again. Here is a link to an article I have written about UTI. Best regards Knut Holt

What could be wrong if you are pregnant have spotting and it burns when you urinate?

You may have a urinary tract infection. Any bleeding during pregnancy should be discussed with your OB/GYN.

What is wrong if you constantly feel like you have to go to the bathroom but not much comes out?

You probably have an urinary tract infection (UTI). Usually with an UTI, your back or sides hurt as well.

Is urine smell like ammonia means something wrong?

Yes, if your urine smells like ammonia, it does mean that there is something wrong. It is likely that you either have a bladder infection or urinary stones and you should pay a visit to your doctor.

What happens when your urinary system goes wrong?

your legs will be swollen

What could be wrong if you your periods is five days late you vomit everything you eat and every morning and when you urinate and wipe you see a little blood?

You might be pregnant and you might have a urinary infection. Go to a doctor.

What is wrong if you are frequently peeing and not much is coming out and now when you do pee theres a little blood?

You probably have either Urinary Tract Infection or (worse), a Bladder Infection. You should go see a Doctor, and they'll give you some antibitoics. Everything will be back to normal then within a week or so!

What is wrong if it hurts when you pee and discharge keeps coming out?

Could be a UTI, or Urinary Tract Infection. Don't mess around with it! Go to a doctor! If left untreated, it could make you sterile so you will not be able to have children.

What could be wrong if when you clear your throat thick mucus comes up and your chest feels a little tight but you have no cough?

It could possibly be a sinus infection. Your doctor could tell you for sure.

How do you ease the pain of a cat urinary track infection?

cats usually do not get a uti. you need to keep the litter box clean and make sure it has plenty of water. you will have to tell the vet whats wrong and they will give you meds to help it.

What could be wrong if you have an unbelievable burning sensation that really hurts in your vaginal area and it itches like crazy but you've never had sex before?

Go to a doctor. Vaginal discomfort isn't necessarily a sign of an STI - it could be a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection or any number of other problems.

You are ill and you dont know What is wrong you have stabbing pains in your stomach and it feels very firm and tight What is wrong with you?

Probably appendicitis, which needs quick treatment. Could be that, I had it and it killed for days. I knew it wasn't Appendicitis...It was just an infection, the Doc. did nothing....So yeah

What could be wrong if you have a strong fishy smell but no soreness and you know there is no infection?

How do you know there is no infection? You may have a yeast infection.

What is wrong it burns when you pee?

I'd say you either have a urinary track infection aka uti or perhaps clamydia. with the uti try drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. if that doesn't help go to the doc, it might be an std

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What is an adjective for someone feels they did something wrong?


I am drinking too much water becaues i urinate more than once every 2 hours but i constantly feel dehydrated with a headache are there any suggestions as to what could be wrong?

you may have a urinary tract infection. go to the doctor to get it checked out

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