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All female british olympic gold medal winners?

Kelly Holmes

Who are the top 5 British Olympic gold medal winners?

The top five olympic gold medal winners are Dominic Culyer because he is amazing

Is there a list of British Olympic Gold Medal Winners?


Name a female british althlete who has won a gold medal?

Mary Denise Rand is a British female athlete who has won a gold medal.

What is the of a female British who has won a gold medal?


British Female to win olympic gold medal?

One recent British female who was a gold medal winner was Jessica Ennis. At the 2012 Olympics in London, she won the Heptathlon.

Who is a British female that has won a Gold medal at the Olympics?


Which player has an olympic gold medal and an fa cup winners medal and a premiership winners medal?


British female won gold medal?

Dame kelly holmes

How many Olympic gold medal winners are alive as of 2013?

There are hundreds of Olympic gold medal winners alive as of 2013.

What do china gold medal winners get?

A gold medal plus a little appreciation. :)

Are gold medal winners paid?


Who were the British olympic medal winners in 2004?

Great Britain won 9 gold, 9 silver, and 12 bronze at the 2004 Games. Click on the '2004 British Medal Winners' link below to see who they were and what events they medalled in.

Do gold medal winners pay taxes?

Gold medal winners pay the same taxes every other citizen pays.

How much do Olympic gold medal winners get paid US?

The US Olympic committee pays $25,000.00 to gold medal winners.

Listing of Gold Medal winners for the ladies figure skating in the Olympics?

Listing of Gold Medal winners for the ladies figure skating in the Olympics?

How many gold medal in the 2012 Olympics?

302 event winners were awarded a Gold Medal.

What country pays their gold medal winners the most for the medal?


What are the prizes for winners of Olympics?

A gold medal.

Name a female british athlete who has won a gold medal?

Mary Denise Rand.

British gold medal winners of 2004?

Kelly Holmes x 2, 400 x 100m relay team,

Who are the British Olympic double gold medal winners?

Chris hoy, Laura trott, mo farah, Jason kenny

What prizes do the olympic winners receive as well as a gold medal?

they receive a medal

Do the olympic gold medal winners have to pay taxes on the medal?

Yeah, $9,000.

Name a female athlete that won a british gold medal?

Charlotte Cooper won a gold medal in the Ladies Singles in tennis in the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris.