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1984 check the pots (vol and tone) as well they will have a code 137 XX XX the first XX s the year secondis the week eg 137 84 23 is 23rd week of 1984.

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squire fender strat serial number 0060100758 was made in what country ?

that would be a 1988 strat the e stands for eighty and the nuber after it stands for the year

The MZ before the number indicates that your Strat was manufactured in Mexico.

Hi, Not 100% sure but would say this strat was made between May and August 1972 Regards,

Try emailing Fender at

It basically means that it's made from Late 2009 up to current, depending on the number after the EX: MX10 is a 2010-2011 Mexican Strat while MX11 is a 2011-2012 Strat.

Your strat with the 'Z0' prefix was made in either 2000 or 2001 according to the Fender Stratocaster Manual (Haynes Publishing). Regards, Jonathan

i have almost now doubt that it is a fender strat or copies of the fender strat. For classical though, i think they are the Ashton ones.

Your Strat is a mexican manufacture, 2006-2007. Like everything, value depends on condition. In good condition, it will fetch $200 to $300.

Mainly his 62' strat. but there is his 57' strat and his telecaster.

(I currently use a fender strat with a floyd and humbuckers) i need a good metal second guitar with a similar feel to a fender strat

The Fender Strat Plus used Lace Sensor pickups in 1995.

Fender says "there is always some carryover from one year to the next". Therefore your guitar is either an 02 or an early 03. Shouldn't matter much in resale price.

According to it's either 1993 or 1994: Serial Numbers Production Dates N3 + 5 or 6 digits 1993 N3 + 5 or 6 digits 1994

A fat strat refers to a strat that has a humbucker pickup, which pretty much looks like two single coils smushed together on a guitar

No "FENDER STRAT" is not going to have a logo unless you get one custom made.

Is it a recreation or the authentic 1969 strat?

Definitely a Vintage, or a limited model

Either take it into a Local music shop or go on Google and look up Fender Squier Strat serial numbers and punch in the number for instance with my 1994 Fender Mexican Stratocaster i would go on Google type in "fender Mexican stratocaster serial numbers" and it would pull up a and i would look since mine is MN352234 I would look for "MN3+ 5 digits1993-1994" and i would find out that my guitar is either a 1993 or 1994 Fender Mexican Stratocaster Hope this helps Jesse Craig.

For an American made fender standard stratocaster, you're looking at about $1,500.

The worth of a 1984 Fender Strat guitar can vary because of many factors. The condition in which the guitar is in is the most important. Any wear can diminish the worth. See an appraiser for an estimate.

The steryotype of an electric guitar is a fender strat. The most famous and used guitar in the world. MILLION OF PEOPLE USE FENDER!!!

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