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Fender serial number is R08671 what kind of stratocaster is this guitar?

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call fender eitehr from their website or a guitar shop and youll find out

There are quite a number of various places where one can go to purchase the body of a Fender Stratocaster guitar. Some of the best places to do this are Guitar Center, Austin Bazaar, and StewMac.

Your strat with the 'Z0' prefix was made in either 2000 or 2001 according to the Fender Stratocaster Manual (Haynes Publishing). Regards, Jonathan

I believe this number indicates that the guitar is an American deluxe manufactured in 2000

L08573 im pretty sure. Patent # is 2573254

The prices for a Fender Standard Stratocaster guitar varies between round about 450 EUR and 680 EUR. Of course the price additionally depends on the number of accessories included in the offer.

It is Japanese E and then 6 digits so that makes it 1984-1987

that's 1999, about £450 to £600 depending on condition, check eBay

Fender guitars are supplied with a serial number. The serial number combined with the body date (if present), the date found on the pots, neck date, and other guitar features.

Following info courtesy of the Guitar Dater Project This guitar is from the American Deluxe Series made at the Corona Plant (Fender), USA in the Year(s): 2007 .

Either take it into a Local music shop or go on Google and look up Fender Squier Strat serial numbers and punch in the number for instance with my 1994 Fender Mexican Stratocaster i would go on Google type in "fender Mexican stratocaster serial numbers" and it would pull up a and i would look since mine is MN352234 I would look for "MN3+ 5 digits1993-1994" and i would find out that my guitar is either a 1993 or 1994 Fender Mexican Stratocaster Hope this helps Jesse Craig.

You need to supply more information; but if you follow the link below, you can enter the serial number and country of manufacture to get more information about the guitar.

the serial number does not tell you the year. but there should be other numbers or letters to tell you ehat year, or just take it to a store

The model is Fender Stratocaster! The MZ in the serial number identifies it as a Mexican made Stratocaster made in 2000/2001. If you're asking if it's collectible then the answer is probably no or at least not at this time. If you're asking if it's a good guitar then yes it's bad at all, but the Mexican strats are considered to be inferior to their American made cousins, but again they are pretty decent guitars.

The serial number on a Fender guitar can, in combination with other information, tell you a pretty acurate age of the Fender guitar. This information can be usefull to collectors and varify the authenticity of the guitar.

2002-2003 it was made , the series should be on the headstock of the stratocaster but worst case scenario bring it to a guitar shop and see what they think , as it's hard to tell you without looking at the guitar.

As far as I can work out after looking at the Fender site, your guitar was made in 1988. I don't know if it's the upgrade model. Hope this helps.

Your Strat is a mexican manufacture, 2006-2007. Like everything, value depends on condition. In good condition, it will fetch $200 to $300.

If 350 is your serial number then your Stratocaster was made between 1950 and 1954. You'll have to get the instrument appraised by Fender to get an exact year. On a side note, if your guitar is in good condition, you may want to lock it away somewhere safe. Fenders that were built between 1950 and 1954 are extremely valuable. I would highly suggest getting it appraised by a professional.

No one can really know without you telling us what year it is, the serial number, and a bunch of other things. One place you can look though is going to the fender website and typing the serial number in the fender website search. If that doesn't work, try google. :) Hope this helps.

2000-2001 is the serial number and it's made in America. American Deluxe fender sort of suggests , go on fender supports page or to a guitar shop that sells fenders and you'll know 100% as it's very difficult to answer some questions on here without photos.

A MIJ (Made In Japan) Fender Stratocaster with an "E + 6 digits" serial number has been built somewhere from 1984 to 1989.

How much is a Fender acoustic guitar worth model number f55-12

The MZ before the number indicates that your Strat was manufactured in Mexico.

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