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Festivals in Malaysia?

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The Hindus celebrate Deepavali nationwide, Thaipusam mainly at Batu Caves, Penang and Ipoh.Ponggal is also a major festival for Hindus. The Malays celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Hari Raya Puasa, Israk And Mikraj, Birthday Of The Prophet. The Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year. Other races celebrate festivals such as Christmas, Hari Gawai(sabah and Sarawak), Keamaatan and etc.

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What has the author Gregory Leong written?

Gregory Leong has written: 'Festivals of Malaysia' -- subject(s): Festivals, Social life and customs

Is there mardi gras in Malaysia?

No, Malaysia is a Muslim country so it does not observe so called Christian festivals. The only Christian festival Malaysia observe is Christmas, which is only celebrated in some states. (In East Malaysia, Good Friday is declared as public holiday, but not in other states).

Why is Malaysia so awesome?

I think because of different attraction places in Malaysia like ( Batu Caves, Chin Swee Cave Temple, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex ) these all places are awesome. Jovial Festivals, Chinese New Year, Wesak Day, Thaipusam, Langkawi Water Festival of Kedah festivals has different taste for every one.

What is the population of Peninsular Malaysia?

It is part of the country Malaysia. Malaysia is broken in two parts; Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysia Borneo. Peninsular Malaysia is the east side of Malaysia and is also known as West Malaysia and Malaya.

What are the festivals in harvest moon tree of tranquility?

Ocean festivals, Flower festivals, Animal festivals, Starry Night festivals, New Year festivals, Firefly festival, and there might be a couple more that I missed.

What festivals are there?

There are lots of different festivals like music fesivals and religious festivals.

Why is Malaysia unique?

Malaysia is unique for a number of reasons. Malaysia is unique in that it has a variety of plants and animals not found anywhere else on Earth.Malaysia is unique in various way. Let it be food and people, Malaysian are different. The best way to explain is through Malaysian festivals. Malaysian celebrate every festival together as one family. Open House is a main event in Malaysia where everybody from various races is invited to join in the celebration. Open house can be hosted by any types of culture, from Malay to Kadazan... Open house is an interesting event where culture is still maintain and well practise.

Where do Africa have there festivals?

"Where does Africa have its festivals?"

What are the festivals for the Comanche Indians?

what do they do for festivals

How do you write festivals in sanskrit?


Does Switzerland have festivals?

yes, heaps. food festivals, music festivals, new year's eve concerts, autumn and winter festivals.

What are the two parts of Malaysia called?

West Malaysia and East Malaysia

What is the new name of Malaysia?

Malaysia has no new name. its just Malaysia.

Does Hinduism have festivals?

Yes, there is many festivals

What are Mayan festivals names?

they have many festivals

What are Islams festivals?

There are no festivals for Islam as such, but we do have our Eid's.

How many festivals are there in China?

3 festivals.

What festivals are in the southeast USA?

there are dogwood festivals

What is Malaysia universities emails?

* Universiti Sains Malaysia * Universiti Putra Malaysia* Universiti Sains Malaysia * Universiti Putra Malaysia* Universiti Sains Malaysia * Universiti Putra Malaysia* Universiti Sains Malaysia * Universiti Putra Malaysia* Universiti Sains Malaysia * Universiti Putra Malaysia* Universiti Sains Malaysia * Universiti Putra Malaysia

Festivals in Brazil?

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Why was Malaysia given the name Malaysia Truly Asia?

"Malaysia Truly Asia" is a tagline to promote Malaysia as a tourist destination.

Does it snow in Malaysia?

Sorry. It does not snow in Malaysia because Malaysia is located at the equator and Malaysia is also not a four-seasons country.

Is Malaysia in America?

Malaysia is not in the USA. Malaysia is a safe and beautiful country in South East Asia. Specifically it is located between Thailand on the north and Singapore on the south side. Malaysia has 2 parts which is West Malaysia and East Malaysia. East Malaysia is also known as Borneo and is split between Malaysia and Indonesia.

What two regions is Malaysia divided into?

they are divided into Peninsular Malaysia and east Malaysia

Where can you get nike heels in Malaysia?

You can get the Nike Heels in Malaysia at Nike Shoes Malaysia.