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Well, it would depend on the year and condition. Be more specific.

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1938 cents are common and if circulated are only worth a few cents. If in absolute uncirculated condition they can be worth 1 or 2 Euros.

You need to provide much more information. Pennies have been made since the 1700s! Common pennies from circulation are worth only face value. Wheat pennies are usually common and worth a few cents to a few dollars in circulated condition. Indian head pennies are worth a few bucks in average grades.

Wheat pennies is one they may be worth a few dollars; see They have good info.

You should be looking for a coin store in your locality. Get a few opinions if you can. However, please know that very few wheat pennies are worth more than a few cents.

Anything from a few pennies to a prison sentence depending on where you are.

Very likely no more than a few bucks. They are common and are worth very little. If it is uncirculated you will get more.

Despite the age, they're common dates, usually only worth a few cents each.

They are worth at least one cent up to thousands for a 1943 copper one. There were supposedly a few 1943 struck in copper and the rest are steel. Most have some slight value over the one cent.

Old Pennies, no longer in circulation, that are in good condition or better, would be worth at least a few Pennies, possibly much more depending on country, year, condition, place of minting and a number of other criteria.

legally they are still worth 1 cent. but since before 1982 pennies were made of pure copper they may be worth a few cents more. i wouldn't try selling it though

Predecimal British Pennies could be worth anything from a few Pence to many Pounds depending on the year, their condition and their relative availability. Valuations for most British Pennies will already appear on WikiAnswers. Use the question format - "What is the value of a 1902 British Penny?" to find a current valuation for the particular Penny you are interested in. Please note that any valuation of £0.50 is only a token value to keep the coin on the database.

It isn't. Normal 1943 pennies are worth 3-15 cents depending on condition because they are made out of steel and are collected even by non-collectors as curiosities. The only expensive 1943 pennies are the copper pennies which were made by mistake. When they turned on the machines to make the 1943 steel pennies, some copper blanks were left inside the machines and so a tiny amount of 1943 copper pennies were created by mistake. Since there might only be ~15 made, they are worth a lot. But an ordinary 1943 penny is only worth a few cents.

They're wheat stalks, not "fethers" - and the word is FEATHERS, in any case. Wheat-back cents from the 1940s and 1950s are generally pretty common and are only worth a few cents in circulated condition. Older coins can be worth more, depending on their dates what what mint mark letter, if any, is under the date.

The UK has pounds and pence (pennies). 100 pence = £1 and worth about $1.60 - was $2 a few months ago

The Pennies are probably bronze, and the "Two up" set is available at most Australian Souvenir shops for a few dollars.

They have a value from a few cents to many thousands of dollars depending on the date, condition of the coin,mint mark and other factors.

Minimal Value a few cents at most.

It would depend but everything is worth something. In regard to the value of 1970's pennies someone may be willing to pay a few dollars for one while someone else may be willing to pay millions.

No much, how ever theres was a cut back in 1955, 1955 are worth a lot. 1965 cents were minted in huge numbers and are only worth face value unless they're in uncirculated condition. The 1955 cents the previous answerer cited are valuable only for the rare "double die" variety. All ordinary 1955 cents are worth a few pennies each unless uncirculated.

Their are a few answers. For pennies no mint mark means Philadelphia or for proof pennies which are only in proof sets S means San Francisco.

1943 steel cents are rather common and only worth a few cents usually, unless they are in incredibly great condition. In average circulated condition they are worth around 3 or 4 cents.

In decent condition, it has a collector value of a few dollars.

A copper penny is worth about 2 and a half cents, however, due to the fact it is illegal to export or melt pennies for copper, there are very few people who will buy them.

Less than a few pennies

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