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There is no conflict between Russian Federation and Ukraine now.

What made Boston a likely conflict to develop between colonist and British soldiers are the taxes they made.

The civil war soldiers viewed the war between the North and South as a new kind of conflict because it was the first war Between the States.

It was about the American Revolutionary War between Britain and the American Colonists.

There was a major military conflict between the Russian and Persian Empires between 1826 and 1828.

Scramble for natural resources was one of the problems that was causing conflict between European and Latin American nation. Cultural conflicts was the other problem.Ê

An armed conflict between Mexico and the US.

they wanted to have the choice to govern themselves.

the truce between the German and American soldiers.,

Irish soldiers and the British empire .

Some people think that Benedict Arnold is important because he was a traitor in the American Revolutionary War. He was first a great general for the American soldiers but then things all of sudden changed and he went over to be a British Soldier because he thought that the American soldiers would lose against the British. But turns out that he was wrong about that because the American soldiers won the American Revolutionary War between American soldiers and British soldiers. ~Thank You~

The American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) or American War of Independence

There were many different reasons why there was conflict between the settlers and the government. First of all, and probably the most vital reason, was that both

The Conflict Begin whe the United States Agreed to pay ransom to get the American Prisioners Back.

An armed conflict between Spain and the US which was fought for Cuban independence.

The battle of Lexington and concord happend between britsh and American soldiers this started the American revolution

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