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Which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

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What is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

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Q: Find the momentum of a 25 kg object traveling at a speed of 4 m/s?
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How do you find the momentum of an object?

Momentum = velocity x mass

If momentum and mass is given how to find speed?

Momentum = mass x speed so speed = momentum/mass or V=P/m

What determines the momentum of an object?

The momentum of a body is detemined by its mass and velocity. To find the non-directional momentum, multiply the mass in kilograms times the speed in meters per second to yield the momentum in newton-seconds (N-s).

How can you find momentum?

Mass of the object times the velocity o the object.

How do you find mass if you are given the momentum and the speed?

momentum = mass x velocity => mass = momentum / velocity

How do you find the total momentum of 2 objects moving at the same speed in opposite directions?

(1) Decide on a direction that you will consider positive. (2) Calculate the momentum of the object that travels in the "positive" direction. (3) Calculate the momentum of the object that travels in the "negative" direction (the momentum should be negative). (4) Add both numbers algebraically.

What is the momentum of a 1500 pound car traveling at 5 mph?

Momentum = (mass) x (speed) = 7,500 poundmass-miles per hourAfter laboriously converting all of that to metric units for you ... at noextra cost ... we find that the momentum is equivalent to1,520.8 kilogram-meters/second

How do you find the mass if you have the momentum?

Momentum alone cannot find the mass of an object as momentum is given by p = mv. To find mass m = p/v , velocity is also required.

Is acceleration used to calculate momentum?

You may see acceleration mentioned in a momentum problem; but if it's there, it's only purposeis to help you find the object's velocity.All you need to know in order to find momentum is the object's mass and velocity.

How do you find momentum with mass and speed?

p = mvwhere p is momentum , m is mass and v is velocity

How do you find distance traveled?

You multiply the speed at which you are traveling by the time spent traveling.

How do you find the momentum with no velocity?

It is unclear what you mean. If you mean that you want to find momentum but do not have a value for velocity then it depends on what physical system you are using. If you want to find the momentum of an object with a velocity equal to zero then the momentum is zero. Answer2. You can find the momentum from its the integral of its force impulse fdt = d(mv). The momentum is mv= integral of fdt.

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