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The probability of 5 is 1/6

So the expected number of times the face 5 shows up in 2000 throws is 2000*1/6 = 333.3... .

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A mutation is a change from the expected nucleotide sequence of DNA. It can happen when nucleotide bases are duplicated or deleted from the sequence.

You call them 'sequence of events'.

how and why variation occur in the rate and sequence ot develpment and learning

You cannot determine the number of times an event will occur - unless its probability is 0 or 1. In other cases, you can estimate the expected number of times it will occur. If the outcome of each trial is independent, then the expected number is the probability of the event occurring in one trial multiplied by the number of trials. If the outcome of each trial is not independent then you need to develop a model that takes account of the dependencies.

To the best of my knowledge, a random sequence limit imposes restrictions on random number generation. For example, one may want to generate random numbers such that any number does not occur consecutively three times. Another definition of a random sequence limit is the number that a sequence of random measurements of some property converge to as the number of measurements increase.

Mutations that occur at a single point in the DNA sequence are Point Mutations.

Mutation can occur as a result of a change in the sequence of nucleotides in a strand of DNA.

In nautilus shells and you have 5 fingers and that is a Fibonacci number. Find a better answer, I'm running out of answers!

when expected things occur

Because, giants can only occur once they leave the main sequence.

in order in which events occur.

Some Icelandic Disasters are not expected to occur in Tibet because of the climate. :T Simple answer, really.

The expected value is the average of a probability distribution. It is the value that can be expected to occur on the average, in the long run.

A change in the base sequence in DNA.

ans: the number of the genetic combination that can occur among gametes is practically unlimited

The word "expected" is not the same as "required". Something that is "expected" is something that is assumed will occur. Something that is "required" is something that is essential.

Be expensed in the period that the in which they occur.

The analytic step in the briefing process is the stage whereby you are expected to determine who you are briefing and what is expected of you as a briefer.

A gene is a sequence of bases in DNA that codes for a particular trait. A gene mutation is any change in that sequence. A base sequence in a DNA molecule must be changed.

i think its a base sequence in DNA molecule is changed

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