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Fine Information on marlin 31 22calibre rim fire?


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Marlin 31 is a shotgun. Marlin 81 is the rim fire .22.

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Brophy's book on Marlin History has sn information.

I am not sure, but most of what I have read on the net leads me to believe that Marlin made National fire arms designs after National fire arms closed down. I have a National Fire arms 12 ga. pump, and it has absolutely no markings that indicate marlin had anything to do with it.

No. Even if they did, it wouldn't be safe to fire them.

NO! Your Marlin model 30aw(all weather) was chambered in 30-30Win.That is the only cartridge that will fire correctly in your rifle.

The Marlin Model 795 rifle does not utilize clips, but has a 10-round detachable box magazine. The rifle itself has a magazine disconnect, and thus will not fire unless a magazine is inserted.

looks like the model 80 was manufactured from 1935-1939. there was two differant variations of it.

No a comerical round is not avalible to the public

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Your Marlin model 55 shotgun will range in price between 25-95 dollars depending on overall condition.

Look on the barrel, it will be marked as to the proper ammunition.

The T-900 Fire Control System is a new trigger mechanism for Marlin rim-fire rifles. Go to for more info.

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A Marlin model 1889 rifle is valued at between 250-800 dollars for a example with between 10%-70% of its original finish remaining and a half way decent bore.

Only if that is what is marked on the barrel. 22 LR and 22 WMR are not interchangeable.

I called the fire department today and they said it should not start a fire and should be fine.

Yes, you can. However, accuracy may not be as good as you anticipate. The Marlin 55s were made (for the most part) with a Full choke- and while that works well for birdshot, it may deform larger buckshot, resulting in a pattern that is larger. However, it is not unsafe to fire.

That would be a model 1889, Marlin serials are "different" I believe it was made in 1893, but I'm not a Marlin expert...

Depends on originality and condition. From $400 to well over $1000.

Is it a 12 guage Marlin 120? if so yes we have one and have done so.

They will fire the standard .22 short,.22long,and .22 long rifle cartridges.

no i dont it works fine ok..............................

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