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Fire red mew?


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how to catch mew fire red easy


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There is no Mew in Fire red/Leaf green

sorry but theres no mew in fire red but theres mew2 even better the only way to get mew is by cheating:(

yes, you can get mew in fire red also mewto.

You can't get Mew without hacking. Mew can't be caught in fire red.

How to battle mew in Fire Red. I don't know how??!!

you cant.u can only receive mew in mystery gift or hack or an event for mew in fire red and migrate

you will get mew in the cerulean cave at the bottom part

you can't get mew in leaf green you get it in fire red

You cannot catch Mew in "Pokémon Ruby."or you can get mew-two in fire red or leaf green.

There is no way to get mew. You have to migrate from fire red or leaf green. hope it helped!

i never played Pokemon fire red but the rarest Pokemon IN fire red is obviously mew ... who ever wrote that is an idiot ... the rarest Pokemon is mewtwo ... mew can not be obtained in fire red ... and you get mew two by getting the ruby and Sapphire and then you go to cerlean cave to get mew two after u have completed the E4 and have gotten the ruby and Sapphire ... i hoped i helped

um listen Pokemon fire red does not have mew only mewtwo and that's in cerulean cave cant!!!find mew on the Pokemon fire red only a mystery event!!1

Jean You can't find mew in Pokemon Fire Red but you can find Mewtwo instead..

Transfer it from Fire red and Leaf green.

trade from fire red or leaf green to get mewtwo

There are no more special events, so you have to already have a mew in a different game and trade it to your fire red.

how to catch mew in fire have to have all your Pokemon in your party and boxes at level 100 and have beaten the elite 4 100 times then go to cerulean cave and at least have 1 master ball and there you got it a mew in fire red.

trade from fire red or leaf green

you cannot catch mew in Pokemon fire red. You can only obtain it though a Nintendo event on fire red or on worlds egde island with the sea chart on Pokemon emerald.

unfortunatly you caint get mew in platinum butt you can trade it frow leaf green or fire red. or you can use cheats.

iam not sure i think there is one but not in fire red

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