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First U.S inventor who made reaping machine in 1831?



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Cyrus McCormick is the inventor of the reaping machine!

Actually, Cyrus McCormick was not the inventor of the first practical reaping machine. No doubt the American firms concerned with the manufacture of reaping machines have loudly and persistently claimed McCormick as the inventor of the reaping machine, and some British writers, who should have known better, have accepted this claim, but it has been repeatedly disproved that McCormick has any claim to be considered the maker of the first practical reaping machine. The first reaping machine in America was built in 1809 and tested on a farm in Union Bridge Maryland by Jacob R. Thomas during the late summer, but because it did not work quite right on the first trial the project was abandoned by the inventor. The idea was later picked up by Obed R. Hussey, a cousin of Thomas, who was an early pioneer in the manufacture of reaping machines, and later incorporated by Cyrus McCormack, who was credited by history with inventing the first reaping machine.