First aid Do's and don'ts of cuts?

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Well, first off, clean the cut with a mild soap. Don't just leave it dirty and cover it up with a bandage. After that put an antibiotic on it, like Neosporin, and then you can cover it up with a bandage until the bleeding stops and a scab grows in. After the scab grows in, let it air out so it can heal faster. Well, this might be obvious, but you're not supposed to scratch it or rip the scab off, you'll make it worse and end up with a scar.
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Answer . There are no hard and fast rules for dresssing and bandaging wounds as long as the following conditions are met:. 1. Use sterile material or material that is as clean as possible.. 2. Bleeding is controlled.. 3. The dressing is opened carefully and handled in an aseptic manner.. 4. ( Full Answer )

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Do's and dont's of first aid?

DO: Protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens Remember ABC's Airway - head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust/modified jaw thrust if it's a traumatic injury Breathing - Breathing? 2 rescue breaths. Breathing? If not, start CPR Circulation - Stop any severe bleeding. Check for a pulse. If it won't stop b ( Full Answer )

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First aid for cuts?

Clean it (water is fine) apply a topical antibiotic, cover it (a band-aid is fine).

What are the Do's and dont's of first aid?

To quote Hippoctates, "First, do no harm." ( Primum non nocere) This means that, whatever you do, you should leave the patient in the same or better shape than when you arrived.. The next equally important caveat is, "No injured rescuers!" In any first aid or rescue procedure, you must take extrem ( Full Answer )

What is the First aid for cuts?

Depending on the size of the cut you may have to apply pressure while you get a wet cloth or towel. Wipe the cut clean and apply disinfectant. Last, apply a bandaid.

What are the do's and don'ts of fractures and sprains?

DO immobilze and protect the site. . DO pad any immobilizing device or splint. . DON'T try to reduce a fracture in the field unless you're literally days away from help. . DO consider pain control unless you'll reach an ER in the next 30 minutes or so. . DO Icepack. 10 minutes on; 10 minutes off ( Full Answer )

Do's of first aid?

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What is First aid for a cut?

first aid is needed for a cut because HIV can spread from person to person through cuts. If you don't seek medical advice once you hav HIV, it can turn into AIDS and there has not been a cute found for AIDS yet so you have a fair chance of dieing. First aid is also needed for cuts and bacteria can e ( Full Answer )

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What is the first aid treatment for a cut?

Clean the wound with a disinfectant Dry it cover it with a dressing and if it seems too deep or wont stop bleeding take it to a doctor to have a look at.

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DO the following immediately: 1.Go indoors. Stay inside. 2.Switch on the radio/television and look out for public announcements from your local authority. 3.Close doors/windows. 4.Cover all food, water and consume only such covered items. 5.If in the open, cover your face and body with a wet ( Full Answer )

What first aid for minor cuts?

There is controversy over the use of topical antiseptics in the treatment of minor cuts. It is known that common antiseptics (hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol) cause additional cell death and therefore may increase wound healing time. Never apply such antiseptics to a deep or gushing wound. Soa ( Full Answer )

What are the do's and don'ts of back injury?

Only don't's. Do not move the person. If need be place your hands around his face and move with his shoulders. Put him on a so called TRAUMA BOARD which is a hard board that the person is kept strapped to until X-RAYS are done. No test is enough to exam is enough to exclude injury

What are the do's and don'ts for burns?

If it is severe, call 911. Determine if the burn is a type 1(redness), type 2(blisters), type 3(charred skin) or electrical. Do not apply any water, gels or ointments or attempt to remove clothing from a type 3 or electrical burn. You can put water on a type 1-2 burn.

Do's and don't in laboratory?

do's 1. wear a proper uniform(laboratory gown, gloves etc.) don't s 1. play. 2. dont use broken vials/flasks

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There aren't really any do's and don'ts. Just make it look the way you want it so you know where everything is. Generally I highlight something I'm not sure about, such as spelling or the way a phrase a particular sentence.

Do's and don't when pregnant?

there are alot of things you dont want to do just remeber every thing you eat and drink the baby will eat and drink the same and do not smoke or be around people who smoke

What should we don't do First Aid for fainting?

Don't pour water over the person's face. This could trigger a reflex to inhale which can result in the persons drowning. If the person is vomiting or has anything in mouth - do not ignore this. Anything that can affect the person's ability to breath freely should be dealt with immediately.

What are all the types of cuts first aid?

There are many different types of open wound's: Abrasion - Friction Incision - Slice Laceration - Rip Puncture - Hole Crush - Impact Avulsion - Flap Evisceration - Intestines protruding Amputation - Cut off or Pulled off Decapitation - Head off

What is the first aid for minor cuts and wounds?

Wash it out with an appropiate antiseptic wipe, then place a plaster or other dressing upon it. If no wipes are available, wash out with water. If no plasters are available, bandage up with cloth and buy plasters at the nearest opportunity.

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It is a big issue that is hard to summarize in a short answer. However, it is better to refer to the Quran sayings below (with meaning translated in English): [ Say, "Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited to you. [He commands] that you not associate anything with Him, and to parents, g ( Full Answer )

Do's and don'ts when traveling in Brazil?

When traveling in Brazil, be sure tovisit all of the hotspots to get the most of the trip. On thecontrary, do not drink the local water or eating in suspiciousplace to avoid getting any bugs or parasites.

Do's and don'ts during earthquake?

Get into an open area away from tall buildings. Earthquakes donot kill you , things falling on you do. . If you are near the sea, get to high ground as soon aspossible, there may be a following Tsunami. . Remember there are likely to be aftershocks.

What we should do First aid for cuts and scraps?

Use Band Aid Brand Bandages. Visit the facebook page for Band AidBrand Bandages, and observe the cover photo of the dad anddaughter, it's darling. South Jersey rocker Darin Geltzer named hisband, Matching Bandages, in honour of Band Aid Brand Bandages. Insummary, for cuts.. and scrapes... be sure to ( Full Answer )