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First person made map and globe?


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The first person to invent the globe is Martin Behaim.


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I do not know when the first map was made, but the first globe was made by one of Marco Polos freinds

a map is made from paper and a globe is made from balloon.

A Globe is a sphere (3D) and represents the whole Earth. A map is 2d like on paper and can represent the whole Earth, or just specific areas. This is what i have discovered. I discovered that a map has a key and a globe does not. A globe shows the entire earth and a map shows a particular part of the earth. A globe spins and a map does not. A globe is made of hard material and can't fold while a map is made of paper and can fold.

All valid globes are accurate, so it depends on who made the map! If you mean detailed, then it depends on what map you are reffering to. A world map should be just as detailed as a globe.

first person who use map

Chinese mercator also made a map of the world

A globe is round. A map is flat.

A map is printed on paper; a globe is the world map printed on a globe, which is round.

They didn't have a first globe. Most everyone had a map that they thought was an exact representation of the world they lived in.

A map projection drawn in such a way that an area on the map is proportional to the area on the globe is called an equal-area projection map.

the map and the globe both show the world.

no, because a world map could be a flat map and a globe cannot be a flat map.

A globe is a sphere map of the world and a map is many things! Glad i could help!

A globe is round and a map is flat you numpty

the diffrence between a map and a globe is that a map is basicly paper and the globe is round and that you can spin it around.There`s that and the texture

the first map was made in 234 bc

A globe is a sphere 3d and represents the whole earth. A map is a 2d like on paper and can represent the whole earth, or just specific areas. A map has a key a globe doesn't. A globe shows the entire earth . A globe spins. A map shows a particular part of earth. A map is made out of paper and can folds globe is made out of hard material. A ball shaped model of the entire planet but maps give more information.

a map because people didn't know that the earth was round in the early days.

because you can carry a map around and a globe you cant

because a globe shows it better than a map.

An advantage of a map is that a map is easy to carry. An advantage of a globe is that a globe is a 3D version of the world. A disadvantage of a map is that on a map the continents are stretched. A disadvantage of a globe is that a globe is hard to carry around.

Survey of Pakistan made the first map of pakistan.

Gerardus Mercator was the first person to invent a projection map (i think!)

A map is 2-Dimensional while a globe is 3-Dimensional.

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