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There aren't any that are "close". New Caledonia and Tahiti (which aren't "countries") are in the general area.

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What french speaking country is closest to Australia?

New Caledonia is the closest French-speaking country to Australia, but it is not the closest country to Australia.

What French speaking countries closest to Australia?

The closest French speaking country to Australia is new Caledonia however there are also various other french speaking counties in the pacific region such as Vanuatu Wallis and Futuna and french Polynesia

Closest French speaking country to Perth Australia?

i don't know about Perth but i know about Australia. The closest French speaking country to Australia is new Caledonia.

French countries on how many continents?

There are French-speaking countries on five of the seven continents. There are French-speaking countries in Africa, both Americas, Asia, and Europe. Australia may have French speakers, but it isn't considered a French speaking country. Antarctica has no French-speaking countries on it. But there are French speakers, and an important French station.

Which two continents have no french-speaking countries on them?

Australia and Antarctica

What are the three closest french speaking countries to new zealand?

Queenstown gore invercargill

What are the French speaking countries known as in French?

In France, French- speaking countries are known are francophonie countries. This means French speaking

How many french speaking countries are there?

there are 43 french speaking countries

What products are produced by french speaking countries?

what products are from french speaking countries in america

Are there any countries in Australia that speak the french language?

Australia is a country and the languages spoken there are various Aboriginal languages and English. The nearest French speaking colony is Nouvelle Calédonie.

What continent has the most French speaking countries?

Africa has the largest number of French speaking countries.

How many French-speaking countries exist in the world?

There are 53 french speaking countries in the world.

What is the closest to Australia where french is spoken?

The place closest to Australia that speaks french would have to be New-Caledonia. It is an island off the coast of Queensland.

What is difference between a French country and a French speaking country?

there is only a French country, which is France. But there are several countries where the French language is spoken, which are French-speaking. The same goes for English and English-speaking: America is not English, but is English-speaking. Well I no that a French speaking country speaks French but not like France. For example:Haiti, and Morrocco are French speaking countries.

Nationality of French speaking countries in French?


What is Australia's closest French speaking neighbor?

new Caledonia

What countries are French?

There is only one French country: France. There are other French-speaking countries in the world, but they are not French.

Why do some countries have a large french speaking population?

Countries which were colonized by the French tend to have the largest French speaking areas, i.e. the Eastern side of Canada.

How many African countries speak french?

There are 21 French-speaking countries in Africa.

What is the official term for French speaking countries?

The "francophone" countries are those that speak French.

Can French speaking countries vote in the French national elections?


2 French speaking countries in Europe apart from France?

Two French-speaking countries in Europe besides France are Switzerland and Belgium.

Why does other countries speak French?

most French-speaking countries were French colonies or part of France in their history.

How many west Africa countries speak french?

There are 17 french speaking countries in africa

Why do people in the US speak french?

Some immigrated to the U.S. from French speaking countries. Others learned French in schools and Universities. Still others learned from living in French speaking countries.