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two sixteenths; or 1/8 th.

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Q: Five sixteenths - three sixteenths
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Related questions

Three fourths minus five sixteenths?

seven sixteenths

Five sixteenths -one eighth equals?

Three sixteenths

What is three and five sixteenths?

Three and five sixteenths? That's easy here: 3 5/16 there tada go crazy that's the answer dumbo!

What is five sixteenths plus three fourths?


What is half of five and three eights?

It is two and eleven sixteenths.

What fraction is bigger three fourths or five sixteenths?


What is five eighths plus three sixteenths?

I really do not know I tried to look it up on here

What is one eighth plus 3 sixteenths?

five sixteenths

What is five and three sixteenths minus two and three eighths?

Expressed in its simplest form, 5 3/16 - 2 3/8 = 2 13/16 or two and thirteen sixteenths.

Express the fractions three fourths seven sixteenths and five eighths with the LCD?

Three fourths, two fourths, three fourths.

What is three and five sixteenths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 3 5/16 is equal to 3.3125.

How much is one half of three eighths?

Three eighths is the same as six sixteenths - half of six sixteenths is three sixteenths

What are equivalent fractions for six twelfths?

one half or four eighths or five tenths or three sixths or eight sixteenths

What is five sixteenths minus three twentieths?

It is: 5/16 minus 3/20 = 13/80

What is half of five eighths?

five sixteenths

What is one fourth plus one sixteenth?

five sixteenths 5/16 answer: A fourth is four sixteenths, so four plus one equals five sixteenths

What is five sixths of three eighths?

5/6 x 3/8 = 5/16 or five sixteenths. Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to 0.3125.

What is the answer of seven-sixteenths minus one-fourth?

three sixteenths

Three eighths equals how many sixteenths?

six sixteenths

Is seven twenty fourths greater or less than five sixteenths?

seven twenty fourths is LESS THAN five sixteenths.

What are three equivalent fractions for five eighths?

ten sixteenths, fifteen twenty-fourths, and twenty thirty sixths =)

Which is bigger one quarter of three sixteenths?

One quarter is 1/4 = 4/16 and three sixteenths is 3/16, so one quarter is greater than three sixteenths

How is five eighths equal to five sixteenths?

It isn't

What is 1 half of five eigths?

five sixteenths

A box caontains five blue eight green and three yellow marbles. If a marble is selected at random what is the probability that it is yellow?

Three sixteenths, or 19%.