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You must replace the defective gasket. There is no other permanent fix.

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Q: Fixing a blown head gasket on a 96 ford mustang?
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How much can you sell a 1994 Ford Mustang with blown head gasket for?


What does it mean when water is in your oil on a 95 ford mustang?

you have a blown head gasket

What will make a 1999 Ford Mustang smoke?

A blown head gasket can make one smoke or the engine is shot.

How would oil get into the radiator of a 1996 Ford Mustang GT 4.7 and how do you repair it?

Sounds like a blown headgasket or intake manifold gasket. Sounds like a blow intake gasket to me...It happened to My 86 Mustang and my 96 Lumina.

What is the cost to replace intake manifold gasket on Ford Mustang?

How do you change a blown head gasket on Ford transit?

Bring it to your local garage

Why is there gas in your oil on a Ford Contour?

Because you have a blown/cracked head gasket.

Why is there engine oil in my radiator coolant in my 1994 Ford Aspire?

blown head gasket

Ford E150 water in the oil?

The most likely culprit is a blown head gasket.

Zero reading in one cylinder of a Ford v-8 in a boat Is this a blown head gasket?

It could be a head gasket, or valve trouble.

You have a 2001 Ford Mustang 38 V6 that is not firing on one cylinder even after you changed the spark plugs Any other Ideas about what would cause this?

Burnt valve, blown head gasket, bad plug wire.

How can you fix an blown head gasket on a 94 crown vic?

A blown head gasket on a 94 Ford Crown Vic is fixed by removing the cylinder head, cleaning the gasket surface, and installing a new gasket. The head gasket is extremely important as it prevents oil and water from mixing and contains the vehicle's combustion.

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