Flooding in Bangladesh?

Flooding in Bangladesh
The severe flooding in Bangladesh started in 2007. It was formed by the Ghaghat River. As a result, the floods have caused lots of poverty, as people in Bangladesh have had to be living in flooded water so there weren't many places to grow crops. The water is also contaminated, containing diseases, which do have a cure, although many people are killed from it. The floods also had to force people out of their homes, and as a result, they have lost many of their belongings. flooding is common in Bangladesh because around 80% of the country is only 1m above sea level. Most people in Bangladesh, live on flat land.

Well there has been many floodings in Bangladesh and at school im learning about 2004 Bangladesh flood and i have found out that the reason it has had many floods is because people are chopping trees down so no water can be soaked up by roots and leaves and that they are also making hills, mountains ect flat so that they can build on top with houses and flats ect and can cause majour flooding i hope i have given u a couple of ideas about it