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The critical ingredients are the egg and the oil. The acids (lemon juice and vinegar) give it a nice tang and kill off the Salmonella that raw eggs sometimes have. Being lazy, I prefer the recipe halfway through the transcript, which uses a food processor instead of hand whisking.

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no, because it wont come out or taste the same with mayonaisse.

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What food has the main ingredient egg?

Mayonaisse. it's nothing but eggs & oil.

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What is mayonaisse made from?

Mayonnaise is made mostly from eggs and oil, with a bit of vinegar and flavorings.

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Can you substitue apple cider for cooking oil when baking?

I dont think so. But what I recomend is mayonaise. WARNING Mayonaisse is made of eggs and oil but don't take away the eggs in what your making.More information:Apple cider is a thinner liquid than cooking oil, and it would change the pH level drastically. It is probably not a good choice as a substitution for cooking oil.

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