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Food and life what is more important?

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i think food is important cuz if food is dere we can live .if life is dere we can't live widout food

soi my opinion both food and life are important.......!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why is animal life more important than human's life?

i think animal life is more important because they give us food and we should all respect them to i dont think that is right but i oh well

How important is food to body?

No food, no life...

Why is it so important to have food and water?

Food and water are important to life on earth

Is studies important or life is more important?

Life is important so as studies but if no life cannot study. Prefer life is more important. Ebenezer : Well, Life IS important but in order to sustain your life you must have Knowledge to Survive. Studies might be the answer.

Why is television so important to life?

its not all that important to life is food,water,shelter,and oxegen

Which is more important water or food?

Food because there's more food then water.

What is more important than the NBA?

Life, Love Money, Fun, school, Food, sex, and not much else

Is water the most important source of life?

Yes it is.You need water to survive more than food.

How are mussels important to river life?

they give food to sea life

What is more important for life oxygen or food?

oxygen is more important for life than the food becoz we can live without food for 2-3 days but without oxygen we can't live for few min.oxygen is essential for the oxidation of food.oxygen combines with food and burns itand the energy is released int the form of ATP,which stores in mitrochondria.It is also used in respiration nad in breathing.the which release from it helps us to do work.In human body,we also required oxygen for the oxygen is a very important factor of our life....................

Why is electricity important to humans?

Electricity is important to humans because it makes aspects of life easier. It helps improve medical technology, food production, and more.

How important is food to you?

Food is necessary for life. However some people have psychological a problem with food.

Why is adhesion of water important to life on this planet?

Adhension is important to life because it allows the transfer of food to the plants!

How important refrigerator in our life?

it keeps food fresh

What is the most important level of the food web to all life on earth?

the most important level of food to all life on earth is the producer. things like grass.

Why should people grow food?

food is what keeps us humans alive, without food there is no us. fluid is also an important part of the humans life, but food needs to be grown. more than 86.75% of food is grown

What are the four most important elements for life?

The four most important elements for life are food, water, shelter, and homeostasis.

How long does canned food typically last?

Depending on the temperature and location, canned food can last up to one full year. Sodium is a very important factor when determining the shelf life of canned food. The more sodium, the longer the shelf life.

Why is a fridge so important?

A refrigerator is very important because it prevents food for spoiling... it lengthens the life span of the food or drink...

Who is more important a farmer or a trader?

The farmer. Without the farmer, the trader would have nothing to trade.

What is more important water or food?


What are the three most important things for life on earth?

water air and food are the most important things water, sunlight, and carbon are the most important for life

Why is our geography important for the life cycle of corn?

It is important beacuse we have food for it to grow and the good nature.

Why is reproduction an important characteristic of Life?

Primarily so that there can be more Life.

What is more important than love?