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Today's MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) entered the US Military inventory during the 1980's. The Vietnam War used "C" Rations; OD (Olive Green painted) canned foods. Korean War & WWII used a lot of powdered rations, with a steady diet of Spam. All US Servicemen in Vietnam were issued/had available "C" Rations; which came 12 meals to a case. But they were primarily consumed by Army/Marine personnel. US Air Force/Naval personnel most often had access to chow halls ('s military calls them "dining facilities"). US Naval Riverine Forces would have to consume "C" rations while patrolling the countless rivers in their Swift Boats, PBR's, Monitors, Alpha Boats, etc. The Viet War did have one wonderful type of ration however; the LRRP rations. These "Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol" rations came 24 meals to a case, and were freeze dried "chile con carne, spaghetti, rice & chicken", etc. Just like today's expensive camping/hiker's foods, just add hot water and they were GREAT to consume. We would "appropriate" those rations ON SIGHT! Field kitchens would serve class "B" rations; one gallon cans of food, prepared by army cooks in the field. "A" rations were mess hall (dining facilities/cafetaria served foods). The Navy & Air Force almost always ate GOOD!

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Q: Food available at the Vietnam war?
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