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Food chain of a grey wolf?

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it goes nuts to squirrel to fox to coyote to grey wolf

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The Grey Wolf is normally considered to be at the top of the food chain. The don't have any natural enemies in their typical habitats. Humans are the only serious threat for the Grey Wolf. For more details, please see the sites listed below

For food the grey wolf is on the top. For othe reaons coyotes, other grey wolves, and humans kill grey wolves food their fur, or in a dispute over territory.

The wolf is an apex predator, near the top of the food chain.a wolf is a predator so it would be at the top

The wolf is in the top of the food chain and has no natural predators. It will eat sick and dead animals.

a grey wolfs food chain is 1st him/her then a turtle a bager

3nd in the food chain PS why would you ask that?

The arctic wolf is a tertiary consumer, or the thing at the top of the chain. The animal beneath the wolf on the food chain is the snow hare or rabbit. The producer, or the bottom of the food chain is some plants.

A grey wolf stays with its pups until it is old enough to hunt, while the pups are still helpless the grey wolf will feed them with half-digested food from its belly-basket

a chain of who eats who/what e.g: Grass ----> Bunny ----> Fox ----> Wolf

Food chains are just smaller sections of food webs. A wolf, in this case, would fit into the food chain: grass->deer->wolf But the wolf does not just eat deer, and the deer may not just eat grass. So the food web would look similar to bush \ deer grass / \ wolf \ / hare \ lynx

Besides humans and a couple of animals tied with it. Bears could kill a grey wolf, but a pack of wolves could kill a bear.

it would be near the topwolf - deer - grass

the grey wolf. eats the grey wolf. because nothing is more suprior then the grey wolf. except chuck Norris

The red wolf is an apex predator so is at the very top of the food chain.

the timber wolf is a sub- name for the grey wolf. In the coniferous range, we call the Grey wolf the Timber wolf. Timber wolves need lots of space with little or no people, and a continual food supply, from as large as a moose to as small as a mouse.

There is no Antarctic wolf. No animals live on Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no food chain.

Well for starters the whole food chain would crumple or at least a chain of the food chain would deteriorate or it could have consequencive effects on the other animals. Lets say for example the wolf fed on elk and deers. The elk and the deers would overpopulated and food will be scarce.

Sun to sunflower to rabbit to wolf.

ITS where does a grey wolf sleep not whawt does a grey wolf sleep!!!! LIKE GOD!

The grazer of a food chain is like a predator, but it doesn't eat another animal; it eats a plant. Here is an example of a food chain: Plants>Deer>Wolf The wolf would be a predator, because it eats the deer. The deer is a grazer, because it eats the plants.

The wolf can get eaten by many things, suck as bears and larger wolfs, but if not, then yes.

There is no Antarctic wolf. No animals live on Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no food chain.

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