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For a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport why would the cruise control not turn on?

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my cruise control light will blink on an off and the care will move.when it is not blinking the truck will not move, why is that

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What would cause the cruise control on a 1998 Ford Explorer to stop working?

my control cable frayed....

What would cause cruise control to stop working for 1995 ford explorer?

a loose wire will cause that. also lots of other reasons but ford is known for cruise control failures in that year on all models

Why would the cruise control not work on a 1997 ford explorer?

not connected to transmission or the plasitc gear there stripped. sometimes the unit goes bad on the control arm

Where is the 4 wheel drive control module on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

I have a 2001 Ford Explorer sport trac and the module is located behind the front passengers side panel. I would have to believe that the 2002 Explorer would be the same.

Where is the cruise control fuse located 92 gmc VANDURA?

There is no isolated fuse for the cruise control. It all runs off the 20A gauges fuse. If you are having trouble with the cruise control I would check the Cruise Control Module or the Cruise control Servo. What symptom is occurring?

What would cause cruise control to stop working on a 1989 chevy truck?

the cruise control is broken....

Why do my brake lights and cruise control not work on 2001 ford explorer sport even though all other lights work?

The brake lights are a separate circuit from the other lights. Check the fuses and bulbs. If fuses and bulbs are okay I would suspect the brake light switch is at fault.

Why would the cruise control on a 1995 Ford not work if the fuses are OK?

Does the "cruise" light come on?

Do old cars have cruise control?

You would have to define what you consider "old". Cruise control has existed in some form since 1900, originally by using a centrifugal governor. "Modern" cruise control dates back to 1948.

How proportional control would perform in a cruise control system?


What would make cruise control stop working on a 1990 Chevy silverado?


Where is the cruise control fuse on a 1994 Acura Integra and would that affect the dashboard clock?

There is no fuse for the cruise control on a 1994 Acura Integra. It is a relay switch under the hood near the battery. This would have nothing to do with the dashboard clock, if the cruise control is not working properly. If the cruise control is not coming on, check the relay, then check the carburetor or EFI (Electronic Fuel Injector). Also, the cruise control will not come on if the brake light switch or the clutch is not working properly.

Is there a fuse for the cruise control on a 1999 Chrysler lhs?

my car cruise just cut off while I was driving can you tell me where the cruise control fuse is is located and what's slot it would be in on the fuse box

What are some of the features of the Ford Explorer Sport Trac?

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a SUV made to be a truck. It has the comforts one would expect from the Ford Explorer, with the added bonus of the back being a truck bed.

1997 jetta cruise control fuse?

A. There is no "Cruise Control Relay" per se. The power for the cruise control comes through fuse #14 in the fuse box. From there it goes to the Cruise Control Switch. However, the Cruise Control Module is above the Fuse/Relay box, behind the dash board. There is a special cruise control tester, VAG 1466, that Volkswagen plugs into the system to pinpoint malfunctions. I think it would be worth the money to just have Volkswagen check the system if you find the fuse is not the problem.

Can cruise control be used while towing?

It can but I would advise against it.

What would cause the tachometer to bounce back and forth while the cruise control is on in a 1999 Grand Prix GT dennysmith1usarmymil?

You may have a short in your cruise control switch.

Why would the cruise control and horn not work on a 2002 ford mustang?

Damaged clockspring coil? check your fuse it works the cruise control, horn and cigar lighter

How do you repair cruise control 1996 f150?

take it to a mechanic. Cruise control repairs are pretty difficult and unless you are real good and know what you are doing I would not mess with it.

How do you fix the cruise control on a 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity?

There are multiple things that can go wrong with the cruise control, you need to be more specific as to the problem your car is having. While traveling at highway speeds, the cruise control suddenly deactivated itself and would not come back on.

What would cause the cruise control to stop working on a 1997 Ford Expedition?

Did you get the a RECALL notice ? Regarding the cruise control ... Ford put out a RECALL on the cruise control last year... I just had mines done on my 98 Ford Expedition XLT last week.

The horn and cruise control on your 2000 explorer doesn't work is it on a fuse what could be the problem?

They certainly would be on a fuse, but probably not the same one. The usual problem is cruise control is the bellows rot. The problem with horns is usually the same thing, but rust on the terminals.But, check your fuse panel first. The small fuses are probably somewhere inside the car.Phil

Would the check engine light come on after disconnecting the cruise control?

The computer has probably set a code for the cruise being unplugged.

Where does the cruise control located?

The year, make and model info would help.

Why would the cruise control on a 1994 Z28 camaro stop working?

check to see if your spoiler brake light is out replace it and it usually will finish the ground to the abs sensor and cruise control

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