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Computer re-flash $500 intercooler $800 Turbo upgrade 1200 clutch $500 intercooler pipes $300 cams $600 That will get you the best all around performance. == ==


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Buy upgrades for it.

The Lancer Evolution X has some worthwhile upgrades from the other models. It has a dual clutch gearbox. It is still compact but slightly bigger than previous models although it has a smaller rear spoiler.

Tricked Out - 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Fuel Economy and Performance Upgrades 3-5 was released on: USA: 4 August 2006

Some cost effective upgrades would be an air intake and upgraded exhaust. You can normally find good deals online.

The Mitsubishi Evo X is an upgrade car model of the Mitsubishi (GSR). This car has been upgraded a lot. These models have shifted the weight to the back of the car , among other upgrades.

== == It came with 245hp from the factory, but you can improve it with headers and a good intake, ignition upgrades.

There are many upgrades available for the Mitsubishi Evo X. A cold air intake system is a great addition, as well as an upgraded exhaust system. Both turbo manifolds and new O2 housings can be added for better perfomance, as well as intercoolers, blow-off valves, and coilovers.

it depends on the parts stock it has around 270 with good upgrades it could reach up to 600!

on a stock motor, without any upgrades, like, exhaust, carb, i'd guess about 58 to 62,

"There are tons of upgrades for these cars. Some include: trim upgrades, headlight upgrades, fuel return pipe upgrades, as well as transmission upgrades."

Two websites I found right off the bat that sell performance upgrades for diesels are: 1.- - dealing strictly with diesel engines in trucks. 2.- - sells parts for trucks and diesel cars, suck as VW and Mercedes.

You can't get much more than what it comes factory unless you put a chip in it or re-do the whole engine

In short the answer is Digital Horsepower Search at or Both sites have a wealth of information on uprating the gm 3.8l engine. The engines can easily be upgraded mild power with more serious amounts with hardware upgrades.

Practice Sword Goddess Sword + Upgrades Slingshot + Upgrades Beetle + Upgrades Butterfly Net (I know) + Upgrades Bomb flowers Gust Bellows Whip Clawshots Bow and Arrows + Upgrades

For starters try first. Usually people start with cold air intake or short one. Then you can replace your exhaust with aftermarket (OBX, Greedy...) When you get more experience you can proceed to sites where you can get turbo and supercharger kits (will require piston and rod upgrades).

I believe a standard 550 Jetski motor has 31HP. In actuality, it depends upon the year. HP ratings continued to improve as engine upgrades were rolled out.

the modern upgrades are that they have security improvement with detectors.

a stock 98 civic lx 1.6 liter only has 106 horspower with a 103 lbs of torque. with an upgrades, it'll be quicker. does that answer your question?

Yes. There are probably more upgrades for the app.

I am not the expert, but an ECU upgrade can add 10-15 hp. Then upgrade your air filter, and intake Then upgrade your exhaust.

Anything that replaces factory. You can tune it, add cold air induction, change the headers,exhaust,and cam. You can actually gain about 70 horsepower with no loss of fuel mileage.

The Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 (Twin Turbo model) does NOT get good mileage in town, though it is acceptable on the highway. I get about 15 city 28 hwy, my car isn't stock though and probably would use less in the city without the turbo/fuel upgrades for a car with over 400 horsepower the mileage isn't bad, but for being a 3.0 v6 it isn't good depends on how you look at it

You will get a trophy for getting all the upgrades.

Some words that rhyme with upgrades:BrigadesCharadesParadesSunshadesUpbraids

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