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Aquarium snails are different from regular land snails. All aquatic snails have gills. Just like their land relatives, these snails also have radula(rasping tongue),tentacles, and hard shells. Aquatic snails do not have as developed eyes as land snails. Many aquatic snails have a door or an opcerium at the entrance of their shell. Some aquatic snails also grow to the size of a Baseball.

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Q: For an aquarium snail what do they look like?
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What does a baby snail look like?

a tiny snail

Is an aquarium with fish and a snail an ecosystem?

Sure, why not?

Why is Matisse the snail called the Matisse the snail?

Because it is supposed to look a bit like a snail.

What do the snail eggs look like?

They look like deer scats

How long does it take for snail eggs to hatch?

Freshwater snail eggs in an aquarium will hatch in between 3-6 weeks depending on the temperature of the aquarium.

Does the shell of an aquarium snail need to be changed?

The snail will still grow even though it lives in an aquarium, so yes the snail will out grow it's current shell and need a new one.

You got your snail from a pond is it safe to put it in a aquarium?


What do aquarium snails eat?

My aquarium snail simply crawled up and down the sides of the aquarium, eating away at any growth on the insides. She out-lived the fish and even had snail babies (and I fed her nothing).

What is a normal aquarium supposed to look like?

Its completely up to the owner of the aquarium.

How do snail eggs look like?

They look like little round capsules.

What does an Apple snail egg sac look like?

They look like a grapevine

How do you kill the snail in aquarium?

First, take it out of the aquarium. Then pour salt on it. they will melt when in contact with salt.

What does a land snail look like?

Very much like a water snail, except its not under water.

What does slug look like?

It Looks like a snail with no shell

Is a snail supposed to float when you add it to your aquarium?

Snails can float or sink depending on how they feel at the time. It is also possible that the snail is dead and sealed into its shell. I would remove it from the aquarium and into a small container for observation. (That would be better than adding a dead snail to putrefy in your aquarium.)

Should you remove snail eggs from an aquarium?

Unless you want snails or have a snail-eating fish, yes.

Finding out what the jelly sacks are in your aquarium?

Probably snail eggs.

What are those egg clusters in your aquarium?

Probably snail eggs.

What do aquarium snails look like?

Go on google images and type in aquarium snails.

What should a snail home look like?

it should look like it's shell

What apple snails look like?

1st answer added as a related link. I used to keep apple snails in my aquarium, they are about as big as a large garden snail, only their shell is bright yellow.

What does a baby apple snail look like?

i do not know my apple snail layed eggs i do not know what to do

What does snail eggs look like?

They are small round eggs that look like deer scat

Should you remove the algae from a goldfish aquarium?

yes but it depends if you have a snail

What color does a heathy snail look like?

A healthy Snail looks green.Snail are grey or also green