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If you calculate the cost of chlorine over a 10 year period of time and the cost of purchasing, servicing and maintaining a salt generator over 10 years there is no comparison. Salt generators never have a payback, in fact, will likely cost more than twice as must as simple chlorine.

Keep in mind: it's not about cost, but rather convenience and safety!

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Q: For concrete pools is a chlorine or bromine feeder or salt chlorinator best?
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Why does your hayward chlorine feeder leak?

You need to replace the "O" ring inside the lid of the feeder.

Is Bromine or chlorine better for hot tubs?

Bromine is better overall as a solution than chlorine for hot tubs. Bromine Tablets are EPA registered, are an excellent sanitizer choice, are inexpensive and very easy to use. Used best with a floating feeder system, Bromine is superior to chlorine in that once free chlorine is combined with waste, it has no further sanitizing capability. For water pool treatment Trichlor tablets work great. Because of the high acidic nature, this particular type of chlorine is not recommended in spas. It also dissolves too slow to be effective. If the spa shell is exposed to Trichlor for a prolonged period of time, bleaching of the spa shell can occur and can often cause a permanent ring at the water line of the spa shell.

Chlorine registers zero on the test strip but there are chlorine tabs in the chlorinator and the chlorinator is brand new hooked up and working The tabs are not breaking down however why is this?

The tabs are slow dissolving whether large or small. You need to add liquid chlorine 12.5% in strength t boost your levels and you must add a product sometimes referred to as conditioner ~ read label on product for instructions as how to use or ask the person at the pool store. Your test strips could also be old or bad if left out in the sun ~ even if kept in the container. You may also have to open the feed more on the feeder but be careful as not increase that too much. Monitor the readings daily or multiple times daily to determine chlorine levels. If the tabs are still not dissolving your chlor. feeder may be hooked up backwards or the valve is closed. Try the above adjustments and retest the water. k

How much chlorine for 4400 gallons of water?

2 1in Tablets in a feeder.

How do you add tablets to inline pool feeder?

Usually unscrew the top of the feeder then insert the tabs. Be careful of high concentrations of chlorine gas when you open the lid.

What causes high bromine levels?

Assuming you have a bromine delivery system such as a floater or feeder and you have tablets in the floater, as bromine dissolves the concentration gets higher in the water. Turn the delivery system down or off until the level drops into the acceptable range.

How do you remove calcium build up from a chlorinator?

You can get the correct material to do this from your pool shop. acid removes calcium, however I wouldn't guaranty that it wont destroy the chlorinator. A: if the device is more than 3 yrs old - replace it. You could go thru and refurbish it but this takes someone with knowledge of what the chemicals you have to use and when and how much. However, as I read your question it makes me think that you are using a liquid feed chlorine feeder. You definitely do not want to mix different types of chemicals together in this situation. YOU COULD GET YOURSELF BADLY IN INJURED AND END UP IN THE HOSPITAL OR WORSE. CHLORINE GAS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH. YOU COULD END UP WITH THE HASMAT TEAM EVACUATING YOUR NEIGHBORS. Have a pool service tech do it for you at least once or twice and observe to see of you actually want to tackle such a job. You should not be getting calcium buildup in a tablet feeder. BEWARE: CHLORINE AND MURIATIC ACID DO NOT MIX WELL. THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE k

How do you release pressure in order to take the cover off the cl-200 hayward chlorine feeder?

Simply release the pressure on your system at the top of the filter or at your waste valve if you have one (hose bibb at the discharge side of the pump if one is installed). Make sure your system is turned off. Think about adding a salt sanitizing system and get rid of that old fashion chlorinator.

How do you open the out-flow valve on a Hayward chlorine feeder?

Depends on the model. Just rotate the small valve to the right???

Is chlorine tablets or liquid or crystals the same?

NO. Liquid chlorine does not have stablizer. It is good for shock. I spend a fortune using liquid twice weekly only to see it vanish in the sun. Tablets are best, especially in a feeder.

How much chlorine should you use in a 3700 gallon pool?

The amount of chlorine used in a 3700 gallon pool varies on the type of chlorine you want to use. If you are using a 1 inch feeder tabs (half ounce tabs) you are looking at 5-6 ounces per week. If you are using a chlorine Concentrated Granules then it is 1.5 ounces every second day.

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Why would water be shooting out of brass nut at bottom of Hayward CL200 chlorine feeder?

Bad gasket? Replace the o-rings at the unions etc.

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