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Well in a stoichiometric mixture you get about 9 moles of water for the 60.5 moles of fuel-air mixture you need for a homogenous mixture so about 15% if you're talking moles. For mass you'd have to do it by R.A.M which I can't be bothered to do right now.

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Q: For every gallon of petrol used how much water is produced from the exhaust?
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Some water is normal during initial startup and is just condensation. However, if the water smells and taste sweet, you have a blown head gasket. Fix ASAP!Answerin theory one of the byproducts of combustion is water vapor so if the car is not hot water vapor will condense and drip out the exhaust until the water gets hot enough to revaporize. and note the answer before me if the car is hot it could be a blown head gasket. About 1 pint of water produced through the exhaust for every gallon of petrol used.

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