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'Nap' is a term used for fabric that has a 'pile' such as velvet, corduroy, and suede. In other words not smooth, but with a fuzzy, fur-like surface. When you sweep your hand across the fabric, the threads will stand up in one direction, and lay down in the other direction.

When using fabric like this, you want all pattern pieces to have the 'nap' going the same direction, so you have to use extra care in laying them out. Usually you want the nap to lay down from the top of the garment towards the bottom.
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How do you get fabric paint out of fabric?

Go to your craft store where you can buy the fabric paint and see if there is a solution you can buy to take off the fabric paint. Also please go on: Type in: How do you get fabric paint off fabric? Use lava soap adn scrubb uunder running water it should come out with some elbow greas ( Full Answer )

Can you ever get fabric paint out of fabric?

Just did it. I was using fabric paint on a canvas tote bag and it got smeared bad deep into the texture of the canvas. It was still wet but drying quick so we used toothpicks to scrape off all we could. Then we used Goof Off (after testing a small area) rubbing it in with a stiff little paint brush ( Full Answer )

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What is nap on the ends of fabrics?

nap is generally a term used with fabrics that have pile. if you brush your hand over it, it will lay flat.. if you have fabric with a 'nap' you want to make sure your piece are put in a line from top to bottom without turning one bottom to top.

What is in fabrics?

A textile is a flexible material comprised of a network of natural or artificial fibers often referred to as thread or yam.

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Where do fabric stores purchase fabrics from?

registered businesses have an Australian abn number which allows then to buy from fabric wholesalers both in Australia and overseas. us normal non - abn - holders can find wholesale - direct to the public places.... or just keep your ear to the ground for a bargain. for example- if you lived in or n ( Full Answer )

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What is wine naps?

It is a towelette, like a wetnap that removes red wine stains from lips and teeth.

What is a napped fabric?

A napped fabric is a fabric with a "nap", that is, a fabric with a textured surface that looks different depending on how it is viewed or positioned. Faux furs, velour, velvet, suedes (real and synthetics), and some fleeces have a nap. Determining nap is important if you are cutting out a pattern. I ( Full Answer )

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Why do fabric stores drape fabric?

When the fabric stores receive the fabric on the bolt, the fabric is wrapped right side in. To show the true color and texture of the fabric the employees must take the fabric and drape it over the bolt. . \n

What was the fabrics used in Renaissance Fabrics?

The fabrics used in the European Renaissance (around 1450-1600) greatly varied depending on the class the clothes were meant for. In the upper class, ladies wore dresses made of brocade fabric and sometimes velvet. Brocade was also used to make the upper class men's doublets, and velvet could be use ( Full Answer )

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Nap: verb: a. to sleep briefly. noun: a. a short period of sleep. Synonyms: catnap, crash, doze, hit the sack, nod, nod off, rest, siesta, sleep, slumber, snooze,

What is nap on A a light cotton fabric?

A light cotton fabric probably doesn't have a nap. A nap is most noticeable on velvet where it looks different when you run your hand over it one way than the other way. The same is true with corduroy. If a fabric has a nap, it is important to sew pieces together with the nap going the same way. ( Full Answer )

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it mean when a horse suddenly turns on the spot when you didnt ask it to

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Why do you need extra fabric when using napped fabric?

For facing Because napped fabric can only be cut in one direction, that is, the pattern pieces look different when viewed from another direction, it must be treated like any one-way fabric. Extra fabric needs to be allowed to take this into consideration. Your sewing pattern fabric guide will alwa ( Full Answer )

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Not much information is available on what type of fabric Katrinafabric is. It appears to originate from the Philippines and may beused in the manufacturing of caps.

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there are indeed certain kinds of contacts that you can sleep in. with mine, youre not supposed to but i have taken naps in them and nothing has happen. i have heard of ones that roll in the back or your eyes in you do. I have soft 2weekly ones.

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You can get fabrics from many stores and the website in the related links supply a range of quality Harlequin fabrics.

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I suspect you might be thinking of the time zone called Yap Time, which is one of the time zones of the Federated States of Micronesia.

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Naps as in the action "to nap" is a verb. Naps as in the definition "a brief period of time spent asleep" isa noun. A verb is a word that describes either an action (walk, run, etc),an occurrence (become, happen, etc) or state of being (stand,exist, etc).

How do you work with a fabric with a nap?

When sewing with fabrics that have a nap, make sure that the fabric is always placed in the same direction, otherwise it will look as though you are using two different fabrics. Though when working with a quilt, running the nap in different directions gives it a unique appearance.

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Yes, napping can be used as an adjective. Example: . The napping cats look so peaceful. (napping is an adjective describing the noun cats) Napping can also be used as a gerund (verbal noun) and a verb. Examples: . Napping is a great stress reliever. (gerund, subject of the linking verb is ( Full Answer )

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Toys R Us is the largest distributor of Nap Mats. They come in a variety of colors and sizes all at a great price. They come with rave reviews from many satisfied customers.

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Dreams may not occur during a brief nap if you do not sleep deeplyenough to pass through the different stages of sleep. But dreamscan and do occur during deep or prolonged naps. In fact, anafternoon nap is a fine time to experience and then afterwardrecord a dream. There is also the question of whet ( Full Answer )

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A nap is a small rest period, usually occurring the day lighthours. It is a miniature sleep period, like the one most peopletake at night, but it is meant to be much smaller. Naps can be asshort as 5-10 minutes or as long as 2-3 hours.

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Nap in tagalog can be umidlip, siyesta, mulmol, himulmol, hipig,mapaidlip, maidlip, mahuli nang hindi handa or humipig.

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Helping helps you improve a person's energy. Napping can also helpyou come up with better ideas, recall information more accurately,and it improves your mental performance.

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When we have a nap, we take a short rest; it is not as long assleeping, usually 15 minutes, but in some context it is sleeping,so we call it a 'nap'.