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How many soldier have US in Afghanistan?

That number is fluctuating as we speak; adhere to the Afghanistan website for updates.

How old do you have to be to be a soldier in Afghanistan?

147 years old

What are the odds of a soldier dying if posted to Afghanistan?

about 1 in 800

Is a soldier given extra money for going to Iraq or Afghanistan?


When can ethnocentrism affect you?

For instance, when you are sent to Afghanistan as a US soldier to forcibly turn that country into a parliamentary democracy that respects women's rights and abides by the rule of law.

How many soldier are in afghanistan?

not enough English soldiers come on England

Who was the first American soldier to die in Afghanistan?

Sgt. Nathan Chapman.

A person who fights for his country is called?

A soldier FIGHTS for their country. A CITIZEN supports their country.

What is involved in having a soldier come home on leave from Afghanistan?

i'm asking if a soldier is granted a leave...what does he all have to pay for fees?

What is a soldier called who is paid to fight?

A Mercenary is a soldier that fights for a foreign country for money.

What were the conditiond of Germany during the post war?

Do you mean 'condition of Germany' - or - 'conditions in Germany'? Germany was split into 4 zones - USA, GB, France, Russia. The country was in a dreadful state. - So bad that a soldier could have sex with a woman in exchange for just a bar of soap.

Which country has no soldier?


How do you use soldier in a sentence?

I have several sentences for you.My uncle is a soldier.The soldier was killed in battle.You should respect the soldier who protects our country.

How does your soldier in Afghanistan make a morale call to fort bragg nc?

Call 312-236-0001

What is the differnece between a ss soldier and a gypsy?

A soldier fights for his Country, while a gypsie works to engage the members of the country

A person who fights for his country?


What was the role of an ancient Egyptian soldier?

The role of a Ancient Egyptian Soldier is that they fight for the country...

Can you mail something to usa army deployed soldier from Spain to Afghanistan?

Yes. You can mail something to a solder in Afghanistan. His place of deployment does not matter. Afghanistan is an extremely dry climate and it is extremely hard to keep anything clean there. He would appreciate anything you can send him.

What calling code do UK forces use in Afghanistan?

UK forces in Afghanistan may use satellite telephones, which have their own telephone country codes and numbering schemes, determined by the company operating the satellite service. If they are using a telephone in the regular Afghan telephone network, it uses country code +93 (dialed from the UK as 00 93), followed by the Afghan domestic telephone number, omitting the leading 0. Most UK forces in Afghanistan have at least occasional access to e-mail and the Internet. The Ministry of Defence also offers various ways to contact a soldier who is stationed in Afghanistan.

How can I become a soldier?

To become a soldier depends on your country demands for a soldier. Attending a military academy and completing training is a basic step.

Who save your country Soldier or farmer?


What do soldier do?

Soldiers fight wars for their country.

What is it called when a soldier is fighting for another country?

a mercenary soldier (one who fights only for money)

Why can't a soldier in Afghanistan kill the taliban?

Because the Taliban are funded by the US and British. All the Taliban in Afghanistan are pakistanies. They are there to destroy Afghanistan not to bring peace. Everything that you see on tv about the Taliban are fake. There is no such thing as the Taliban, they are all pakistanies killing innocent Pashtun people. I am not even an afghan but I know what the truth is regarding Afghanistan.

Should American soldier stay in Afghanistan?

It depends on your point of view. If you are a soldier in Afghanistan, you should keep track about how you feel about fighting in a war. If you feel stressed about killing, ask your commanding officer or a dear friend for help. If you are a citizen, keep in mind that the soldiers are risking their lives to help you live in a safer place free from terrorism. Now if you are a Taliban soldier or Al-Qaeda... one of you killed my cousin.