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Child abuse has been a part of every society, during every period. It seems that child abuse as we know it.

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Q: For how long has child abuse been going on?
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Can you spank your child in MO?

Yes you can as long as its not phsical abuse

How long can you go to jail for child abuse?

10 years

How long can someone be in prison for child abuse?

2 years

How long can you be held for a child abuse investigation?

it all depends

Nwhat is the punishment of child abuse?

Jail for a long time. It depends what all you do to the child

How long has gay abuse been going on?

An inspection of various historic texts (including the Bible) shows that persecution and abuse of homosexuals has been going on since antiquity. Homophobia and the abuse of gays have taken many different forms throughout the centuries. It is still a highly prevalent issue today.

How long has animal abuse been around?

Animal abuse has been around ever since there has been people.

What is the difference between child labor and child abuse?

child abuse is when the child gets beat and not fed well and child labour is when u work as a child for a very long time and only get payed pennies a day.

Thesis example about child abuse?

A. Research advertises there are many effects of child abuse; some are long-lasting while other is short term.

For how long has child abuse and domestic violence been an issue?

For as long as there have been people."People are dumb, dangerous, panicky animals." (Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K in Men In Black.)

Why is gay adoption not child abuse?

Child abuse only exists when a child is being harmed. As long as the gay couple who wishes to adopt treats their child with love and care and respect, that child is not being abused.

What does a child abuse do?

Child abuse in the long run has many bad emotional effects. Such effects as homosexuality, problems in relationships and problems dealing with relatively normal issues.

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