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when it breaks. seriously, timing chains don't wear, per se. they work forever and then break. there is no interval for changing them like a timing belt as they wear at a phenominally slower rate. don't worry about it.


Continue checking around to be sure, but I can tell you that the timing chain on my 95 Z28 Camaro is still fine at 187,000 miles. I will change mine the next time I do a water pump, but I would feel fine going 200,000 miles on a chain. They are incredibly beefy on the LT1 in the Camaro (a double roller from the factory if I'm remembering right). Timing belts stink, as they have to be replaced often. You can not just let these items break, as some engines are "interferance" designs, which means when the belt or chain break, the piston will strike the valves, destroying the engine. You will have to dig around to find out if your car is like that or not. Good luck.

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Q: For preventative maintenance purposes how often does the timing chain have to be changed on a 1996 Ford Mustang Convertible?
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