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For the increasing numbers of artists in Europe how were they paid?

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2011-03-09 14:16:57

Although there are exceptions, and additional methods of

payment, there are two major ways for artists to receive payments.

These are: Performance and Commission.

Performance is, basically, what is says on the tin. In the case

of musicians, it is literally someone pays for a ticket to see a

singers "art", in this case, his/her music. In terms of art, it an

either be to look around an art gallery, or to buy a piece of art

for their own home. In all cases, the customer is paying for the

access of an artist's art.

Commission is where an artist, or musician gets paid by a client

in order to produce a particular piece of art, which is specified

by the artist. This is a big part of most artist's paychecks, as

commissions are always in demand, and many artists have survived

solely off being employed by large companies for a one-off piece of

art, say for an advertisement, and getting paid large amounts for


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