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if your period is normally 5 to 6 days nd uve had it for 2 and half days, it could be that u re stressed or effect of any drug taken (if u took any) if u think u re preg. see ur doctor for a test

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What are the Symptoms after spaying a pregnant dog?

It is not possible to spay a pregnant dog without killing the unborn puppies.

Is it possible to be pregnant without breast tenderness?

Of course. There are many other symptoms of pregnancy.

Is it possible to have pregnancy signs without actually being pregnant?

Yes it's possible! You can feel tired, have headaches, have sore breasts and many of the symptoms without being pregnant but you always want to double check to see if you are or not for sure!

Can you still be pregnant after 4 negative pregnany test and period on time I have some pregnany symptoms but nothing else says that I am.?

Relax, you are definitely NOT pregnant. There's no way. The other symptoms were probably brought on by you being nervous and worried that you were pregnant. If you think you're pregnant, its possible show symptoms without actually being pregnant.

Is it possible to be pregnant without showing any signs?

Yes,it is possible. However it is also rare. Most women realise that when they look back, they did have a couple of symptoms.

Is it possible to have PMS symptoms but no period to follow?

some people experince pms or signs of there period without getting it after....this can mean that you are pregnant.

Can you get pregnant without anything going in your vagina?

Whilst not normally so, it is possible through Artificial Insemination. This is something that is done medically.

Is it possible to be pregnant and not be experiencing any symptoms like breast soreness?

It is possible, but you should take a test or go see a doctor so you know for sure one way or the other. It doesn't usually happen without any symptoms, but it can. And if you are having a period, then you most likely aren't pregnant.

Can you spread HSV 1 without symptoms?

It is possible to spread HSV 1 without symptoms, but it is not common

Does every woman who gets pregnant have signs or symptoms?

No, some go without any symptoms.

If you get pregnant on implanon birth control what are the symptoms?

The symptoms of pregnancy are same with or without the contraceptive implant. If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

Can a woman get pregnant miscarry without knowing it and get pregnant again without knowing it?

Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible to become pregnant without having a period?

no you have to ovulate to get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant without many symptoms?

Hello, although im only a young teen, i do actually believe that you can be pregnant without many symptoms because my sister was 21weeks into her pregnancy before she found out about it, and she had hardly no symptoms at all. hope that helped xx

Is it possible to make a girl pregnant without her?


Is it possible to have pregnancy without symptoms?

there are alot of pregnancy symptoms, it is possible that one may experience some and not all. but it is never possible for anyone not to experience even one of the symptoms. if you are pregnant you will definantly experience at least a symptom of pregnancy. if not anything, you'll experience the bloating of the abdomen and tenderness of breast. these are constant actually it is possible to experence no pregnancy symptoms for the first few months.but after that the symptoms would start to come in.especially breast tenderness on account they enlarge as soon as six weeks.

Is it possible to get pregnant without starting your period?

No, you have to start ovulating before you can get pregnant.

If you have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative but you still have all of the symptoms of being pregnant could you be pregnant?

Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, there are many reasons that they can read falsely. Visit a doctor and have a proper lab test done for more accurate results. That said, it is possible to have some symptoms of pregnancy, without being pregnant.

Is it possible to get pregnant without him leaking?

If that's how you like it.

Is it possible to not get pregnant even if he ejaculated?

it is possible.. women ovulation process take 28 days to occur (normally).. it is safe to have sex without condom o even ejaculation into the vagina directly after period is done..

Is it possible to be pregnant for 2years without giving birth?

no it's not possible to be pregnant for two years without giving birth, but sometimes very few women get to be pregnant for ten month and then give birth (it happens).

How long can a male have gonorrhea without having symptoms?

Yes, that is possible.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you don't have your period and never did anything with a guy?

You cannot get pregnant without a male.

What are the symptoms of being pregnant with the IUD?

Missed period, positive pregnancy test, breast tenderness, fatigue -- same symptoms as without the IUD.

Is it possible to get pregnant even without missed period?

No, it isn't possible. Even with a missed period it isn't always a dead given. Even with pregnancy symptoms it isn't always a dead given it could just be a hormonal imbalance. Sorry.