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Brazil used a number of Mauser rifles over the years. Most were in 7mm Mauser (7x57), but later versions were .30-06. That number you have is not a model number.

2006-08-05 10:33:12
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Are 1911 pistols only chambered in 45 caliber?

the are also chambered for the 38 caliber, 9mm caliber and 22 caliber

What caliber is the stg 44 chambered in?

7.92 x 33k

Can you shoot a 280 caliber bullet out of a 270 caliber rifle?

Generally speaking, no. You can only fire the caliber for which the gun is chambered. There are some exceptions, but not many.

What caliber is an ak-47?

The ak-47 is chambered for the 7.62x39 cartridge.

What caliber is a AK-47 in millimeters?

The AK-47 assault rifle is chambered for the 7.62x39mm round, which is of the 7.62 millimeter caliber.

What is the standard caliper for the Colt Model 1911?

If you mean the standard Caliber of a 1911 model colt pistol,then this was chambered in the caliber .45ACP.

What caliber is a Germanm 1942 Luger hand gun?

Usually 9mm. However some earlier Lugers were chambered for the 30 caliber Luger.

What caliber is a us armory model 1903 serial 869866?

All U.S. army springfield rifles were chambered in 30-06 caliber.

What caliber bullet does a browning m1922 use?

It was chambered in both 32 ACP and 380 ACP.

Will a 30.06 caliber round work in a 30 cal rifle?

Only if chambered in 30/06

Can you shoot 38 JHP in a 380 caliber gun?


Is the Remington 742 woodsmaster a short action or long action rifle?

It depends on what caliber it is chambered in.

What calibers were springfield 1903 rifles?

Originally in 1903, the rifle was chambered for the 1903 cartridge in .30 caliber (30-'03 Caliber). The Army was not pleased with it, and after refinement the US Army re-tested the rifle & ammo, finally adopting them both in 1906 as; the model 1903 Springfield rifle and 30-'06 cartridge (.30 caliber bullet adopted by the US Army in 1906).

What is my browning blr lighting caliber.308?

A lever action rifle chambered in .308 Winchester.

What firearms are chambered for 327 federal magnum?

Right now there are 2 guns made for this caliber. The first was the

What caliber is the p90?

The Fabrique Nationale P90 personal defense weapon is chambered for the 5.7x28mm bottlenecked cartridge.

Is there a 336 that is 35 cal?

Yes! In 1950 Marlin introduced a 336 chambered for the .35 Remington caliber. They are still available in this caliber. In 1983 they also introduced a 336ER chambered in .356 Win., but it was discontinued in 1986, so they are very hard to find! Hope this helps! Vall

Was savage model 99 ever chambered in 30 carbine or 762-33?

No these calibers were never chambered in the model 99 savage.I presume that the one caliber you are asking about is the 7.62x39.

How do you determine caliber of a Beretta Gardone VT 1929?

Your rifle is likely chambered in 6.5x52 Carcano. This can be veried by a gunsmith.

What caliber is L579 no 24203?

The L579 was a model number that was used by describes the action type.The info that you provided will not indicate what caliber that you have.Your Sako rifle should be marked as to what caliber your rifle is chambered for,somewhere on the firearm itself.

What does 'Caliber 32 WCF' stand for on the barrel of a Smith and Wesson?

The gun is chambered for the 32 caliber Winchester center fire cartridge. Also known as the 32-20.

What year and caliber Remington model 03-A3 serial number 3844904?

Your Remington model 1903-A3 was made in the year 1942.It was chambered in the caliber 30-06.

Can you use weatherby 270 ammo in a smith?

Not unless the Smith is chambered in caliber .270 Weatherby- and I have never seen one that was.

Were any Springfield Arms model 1873 carbines chambered for the 4570 cartridge or were all chambered for the 4555?

Only for 45 55. I believe all trapdoors made from 1873 on were only 45/70 caliber

Can you shoot .357 caliber ammunition out of a long gun?

IF a rifle is chambered in caliber .35y magnum, yes. Among others, Marlin made a lever action .357 magnum rifle.