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For what reasons as a renter can you legally break an apartment lease?

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It varies with each situation.But it boils down to the lease agreement itself. Just as you the renter have terms and conditions that you have to abide, so too does the landlord/property manager. If the landlord violates his/her terms of the lease agreement, then this can be considered a Breach of Contract, enabling you to take legal action. Among the possibilities is to have the agreement declared null and void, enabling you to legally walk away.

In general, the landlord has responsibility (under varying health and safety laws) to keep the apartment in habitable condition. An uninhabitable apartment (because of health or structural concerns) is one reason for renters to seek to break agreements without penalty. But follow proper procedures and be sure to obtain enough evidence to make a case before a judge, should it come to that.

If you are forced to move because of deployment orders from the military, reserves, or National Guard, then you may be protected from penalties that would result from breaking an agreement, so long as you can present your orders to your landlord.

There are other valid reasons for breaking an apartment lease, but almost all of the ones not listed above will result in some sort of financial penalty. There are various things that can be done (such as discussing things with the landlord) to mitigate undue hardships and make the transition smoother for everyone.

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Can you break an apartment lease legally if you have allergy to the trees that surround it?

No. The problem was not caused by the landlord.

Can you break an apartment lease legally if you are being re-located due to a job?

That depends on the wording of the lease.

Can you break your lease if your apartment is infected with mice?

Of course not. There is no such rule legally(in India) but you can ask the owner to do something about these mice.

Can you break your lease if they break into your apartment?

If your landlord breaks into your apartment or enters it without notifying you, this is grounds to break a lease. You can't break a lease just because there was a break in, however. Landlords are not even legally required to tell you if you are moving into a high crime area. If you can prove this is an ongoing and pervasive problem , it may be grounds to break your lease. Get real documentation, not just hearsay.Police reports and other victims or witnesses.

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Can you break a lease if suicide was committed at the apartment complex?


Can you break an apartment lease in Louisiana if you are purchasing a home?


Can you break an apartment lease legally if you are getting a divorce?

Depends on the lease usually the answer is no, both parties are still legally obligated to the terms of the lease, so do not let your partner take their name off of the lease.AnswerContact your apartment management and see what terms they have available for you. The first answer may be that you cannot do this without paying out the remainder of the lease, but persist in taking this up to the owner, particularly if you cannot afford this on one income.

Can you break your lease if your apartment was broken into twice?

Not unless you can prove that there is A pattern of break ins that existed before you moved in, and you had no knowledge of it.

How can you legally break an apartment lease in Ohio if your building has been consistly burglarized?

Go find out at the office who you need to sue. Sue the complex for damages and poor security. They will love to let you leave then with out penalty. Call CNN for help also.

What are landlords obligations to renter if he breaks lease because he is in foreclosure in the house he live in and wants to move back into rental?

He can't break the lease.

Can you break your lease if you never moved in?

Well, there is nothing to stop you from breaking the lease, however, the renter does not necessarily have to give you back the deposit (if there was a deposit required).

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Can you get your deposit back if your job relocates you and you have to break your lease and landlord finds someone to rent the house?

This depends on how your lease is written. You may (or may not) lose your deposit but if the landlord finds another renter you won't be responsible for the remaining months of rent you would have to pay until such renter is found.

Can you break an apartment lease when buying a home in minnesota?

Yes, but you'll owe any penalty.

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Can you break a lease on an apartment if you cannot afford the rent?

You can, but you'll owe them for each month until they rent it.

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Is it legal to rent a house infested with black mold and can the renter break the lease because it is causing health problems?

in my past experience.. i had a similar situation so i contacted a lawyer and was told what i needed to do was send a certified letter to the apartment complex stating the situation and giving them 30 days to fix the problem. if they fix the problem then you can not break the lease without penalty. If the apartment complex does not comply within 30 days on the 31st day you can move and legally can not be charged to terminate your lease. In the letter, it must include your name, address, a 30 day notice to vacant without lease penalty if the situation is not fixed.. you must be specific to what the situation is and include any other helpful information. I had to do that about 3 years ago and the apartment complex did not comply so i ended up moving and was never charged a lease fee. Hope that helps. If they knew it had the black mold before renting it to you then yes its illegal and you could possibly sue for damages due to your health problems.

Can you break your lease if your landlord is not cooperating?

if the landlord is not abiding by the lease you can take it to the county municipal office and legally break the lease as of the fee's i do not know