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For what reasons did many of Elizabeths 1sts advisers want ro persuade Elizabeth to execute Mary Queen of Scots?


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June 01, 2010 8:36PM

Elizabeth was a Protestant Queen, making England a Protestant country, whereas Mary was a devout Catholic. Although there were Protestants in England at the time, there were also many Catholics who supported Mary as Queen. Since from the Catholic viewpoint Henry VIII and Catherine of Argon's marriage was never annulled. That would have made Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn's child, illegitimate, since at the time of her conception, Catherine was not dead and still the wife of Henry. She could have been considered a bastard by many people. Mary, Queen of Scots, would have been her closest relative, making her the biggest threat to Elizabeth's throne. In order to protect it, she had Mary beheaded. Elizabeth later claimed the execution papers were to only make Mary nervous so she would back off. Any way, the order was carried out, even if it wasn't supposed to be.