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the Rangaswamy cup is given in the sport of hockey.

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The Breeders' Cup is a major event in the sport of Thoroughbred horse racing.

The F.A . is the oldest cup played in England , it is a football trophy.

Yes with over 4 billion viewers on the last world cup and and expected 6 billion for 2011 Rugby is a major sport across the world

The America's Cup is associated with the sport of sailing.

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golf sport gets the ryder cup

The Bledisloe Cup is associated with the sport of rugby.

This a trophy given in the sport of rugby, named as the rugby club formed in Calcutta, India!

The Yankees (New York Yankees) are a Major League Baseball team. Yachting is a sport. The America's Cup is a famous yachting race.

Polo is the sport in which contestants compete for the Westchester Cup.

Tennis is the sport associated with the Davis Cup.

Yes, they were co-hosts of the 2009 Baseball World Cup.

The sport of Nascar used to award the Winston Cupfor its championship series

Tennis is the sport that there is a famous competition called the Davis Cup.

The sport of Nascar used to award the Winston Cup for its championship series. It is now called the Sprint Cup.

Soccer is a major sport especially in the African community. The local league is largely supported and played in by the black community. Cricket is also liked by the general population, especially one day events.The most major sport however is rugby, one can see that obviously by watching the rugby world cup.

It is the sport of rugby. The Calcutta Cup is a rugby union trophy.

The Walker Cup is given in Golf.

The UEFA Europa League, formerly known as the UEFA Cup, is associated with the sport of soccer.

The Americas Cup is associated with sailing.

The America's Cup is associated with the sport of sailing.

Foot volley is a notional sport in brazil.

Ice Hockey awards the Stanley Cup.

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