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If the engine cranks and doesn't start it might not be fuel related. The injectors are fired by high pressure oil. If the fuel pump on the rail will not run, there is a relay in the battery junction box and also an inertia switch in the right front kick panel that should be checked.

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How can you convert petrol engine in into diesel engine?

You can convert a petrol engine into a diesel engine by changing the fuel injectors. The fuel filters will also need to be changed.

How often should you change fuel filter on 2004 ford excursion 6.0 diesel?

Every 4000 miles. Change it when oil is changed, along with oil filters

What is the oil capacity of a 12V71 Detroit diesel?

Just changed my oil today. 12v71ti marine engine. New Filters, 9 Gallons of Rotella T1 40w

How did diesel engine manufacturers comply with regulations aimed at reducing diesel engine emissions by 90 percent?

manufacturers were adding particulate filters as standard components of the diesel engine. The filters were designed to act as barriers, preventing the diesel emissions from being released into the air.

How to look after a diesel engine?

Change oil and filters regularly

How many fuel filters in 93 f250?

diesel or gas?


Probably Wix.

What could eliminate black smoke for emitting in diesel cars?

Already been done. Diesel Particulate Filters and Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Do you have to prime diesel oil filters?

No not the oil filters, just the fuel filters You don't have to. But I put oil in them when I can. Just the way I was told to do it when I first started working on engines.

Accidentally put diesel in petrol car?

Have it drained out and change filters

Do you have to fill a new fuel filter with gas before installing?

Gasoline filters, no. Diesel fuel filters, yes in most cases.

You changed clutch on 206 1.9 diesel and now you have smoke?

You changed clutch on 206 1.9 diesel and now you have smoke

What causes a diesel engine to loose power?

dirty fuel filters for one !!

How many fuel filters are on a 2001 dodge diesel 2500?

It was built with one.

How many diesel fuel filters are on an 2004 dodge 2500 comings diesel?

One. Located near the back of the engine on the drivers side.

What will happen salt in diesel engine?

Salt will not dissolve in diesel fuel. However the salt may very well clogged fuel filters.

Will petrol oil harm a diesel engine?

Yes as it does not have the lubrication of diesel. Also may damage fuel filter. Don't drive. Get quotes to clean out tank, filters etc but if you want to risk it and tank is not full you can fill with diesel and then run engine to use petrol/diesel mix. Get tank emptied by mechanic for safety. Change filters soon afterwards .

Why does your small diesel engine suddenly drop in rpm?

dirty fuel, clogged filters

What are the 2 filters in a car?

Air filter, oil filter, petrol or diesel filter.

Diesel as home heating oil?

I have gotten friends going after they have run their homes out of oil with diesel until they could get a delivery.

How would water get into the fuel system on a diesel engine?

Water is attracted to diesel fuel. Moisture in the air gets in there. That's why you need the special filters for this.

2004 dodge Cummings dies while driving and wont start?

Anytime a diesel engine will not run the fuel delivery system is in question. Fuel pumps, fuel filters, clogged injectors, etc. I have owned severall diesel trucks and a problem lilke this always boils down to something in the fuel system, in my experience. Good luck.

How many fuel filters are there on a Cummins 5.9L diesel engine?

Only one fuel filter

How many fuel filters are there on a 2002 E350 diesel cargo van 7.3?

One (1)

How many fuel filters on a 2001 ford 7.3 diesel?

one top center of engine