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need sample. Refer to link below to find matrimonial bio data format.

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Q: Format of biodata for marriage of Muslim girls?
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Write something abt myself in marriage biodata?

Marriage profiles for girls

What do Muslim girls do at puberty?

There is a great significance between Muslim girls and puberty. When Muslim girls get to puberty, they are considered to be ready for marriage.

Bachelor Girls photos and biodata for shadi?


What do the Muslim adolescent girls and boys think marriage as?

In most Muslim families here and the Middle East the father arranges a marriage for either the son's or daughter's.

Is akon a Muslim because he kisses girls?

Yes he is a Muslim ... But Muslim strictly probhited kissing before marriage !! So you might get a wrong information but Akon is a Muslim .

Why Muslim girls like Hindu boys?

It is not a rule. Many Muslim boys also in India may like Hindu girls. However, per Islam religion marriage rules, Muslim girls are allowed to get married to only Muslim boys or boy converts to Islam.

Do Muslim girls have arrange marriage in the UK?

yes they have arranged marriages all around the world

Can Muslim girls be friends with boys?

Yes, Muslim girls can be friends with Muslim or non Muslim boys but on condition that they do not practice any sexual relationships what so ever (oral sex or intercourse sex) without licit marriage per Islam teachings.

Can Muslim men date girls?

Muslim men are not allowed to date girls (Muslims or non Muslims) outside marriage. Any sexual relation (oral or intercourse sex) outside licit marriage, per Islam religion, is forbidden and is sinful per Islam religion.

Why are muslim girls not allowed to like boys?

Who said so! They are just not allowed to have sex before marriage! _______________________________________________________________ Muslim girls are allowed to know boys, to talk to them, and to like them. However, they are not allowed to make any body contact with boys without licit declared marriage. Any kind of oral or intercourse sex between a Muslim girl and any boy (Muslim or none Muslim) is not allowed outside licit marriage. It is the same in other God religions (Judaism and Christianity although not followed.

What is the sites for Muslim girls in U.S.A for marriage?

try your luck everywhere,you will must find some one best for your life.

Are Muslim girls allowed to have boyfriends?

No. Muslim boys and Muslim girls are forbidden to have girlfriends and boyfriends.

What do Muslim girls wear?

Muslim girls wear a hijab. (he-jab)

Are non-Muslim girls allowed to love Muslims?

Muslim men can marry jewish and christian women. Muslim women can only marry Muslim men. So if by "love" you mean marriage then Yes. if you mean boyfriend-girlfriend then no, and thats reguardless of religion.

Is alia Muslim?

Yes. It is a Muslim name for girls.

Are muslim girls allowed to make any body contact with boys?

No, Muslim girls are not allowed to make any body contact with boys without licit declared marriage. Any kind of oral or intercourse sex between a Muslim girl and any boy (Muslim or none Muslim) is not allowed outside licit marriage. It is the same in other God religions (Judaism and Christianity) although not followed. It should be noted that Islam does permit non-sexual contact between people of the opposite genders such as handshaking, sports, casual tapping, etc.

Can a Muslim girl marry a christian man?

NOT at all ! muslim girls are not allowed to marry christian only muslim boy can marry an religon . still muslim guys should marry only muslim girls .

How old are Muslim girls?

As all other girls of the world.

Can Muslim girls have crushes on boys?

They can

Can Muslim girls wear weaves?

yes muslim girls and woman can wear weaves but when they are praying they must cover it with traditional hajib

Can Muslim girl showing hair to not Muslim girl?

Girls can show their hair to each other, but Muslim girls can't show their hair to boys. It is important not to expose any part of your body if you are a Muslim girl. I'm Muslim, so I know.

Who can Muslims girls marry?

Muslim men

Do Muslim boys and girls hang out?


What are the chances of a Christian and Muslim love relationship working and will a Muslim man ever tell his family of the Christian girl?

Interfaith marriages involving a Muslim man and a Christian girl do work, but it is rare for a Christian man to marry a Muslim girl. However Muslim and Christian expectations from marriage are very different. Whereas a Christian will at least hope that marriage is for life, through all ups and downs, Muslim men are much more willing to divorce and remarry, often eventually to a younger girl.Some Muslim men enter into casual relationships with Christian girls, with no intention of marrying. They enjoy the opportunity for a sexual relationship, but sill want to marry a virgin Muslim girl, when they are ready for marriage. Because in these cases there is no intention of marriage, he is less likely to tell his family about the Christian girl.

According to Muslim law what age between man and girl can marriage take place?

in islam law, one of the condition of marriage is age of puberty for boy and girl . fifteen lunar years for boys and nine lunar years for girls.