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Formula for chromium oxide?


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Chromium oxide may refer to:

  • Chromium(II) oxide, CrO
  • Chromium(III) oxide, Cr2O3
  • Chromium dioxide (chromium(IV) oxide), CrO2
  • Chromium trioxide (chromium(VI) oxide), CrO3
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Chromium (IV) oxide is CrO2

CrO since the subscripts cancel out but the question really should not be asking what is the formula for chromium oxide, it should be asking what is the formula for Chromium(II)Oxide

Cr2O3 is, Chromium (III) oxide or simply Chromium oxide.

CrO2this is the incorrect formula. For Chromium II oxide the formula is actually CrO without the 2. The reason for this is simple. the II after chromium indicates that it has a charge of +2, and the oxygen, we know is in group 16, has a charge of -2. The formula CrO2 is actually the formula for chromium IV oxide>

Chromium II oxide (or chromium monoxide).

CrO is Chromium (II) Oxide.

CrO3 is Chromium(VI) oxide also called Chromium trioxide

There is no specific formula for chromium oxide, as it is too unspecific; the name can refer to several different compounds. See

Two Chromium Atoms, and 3 Oxygen Atoms. (Cr2O3)

"Chromium(III) oxide", or "dichromium trioxide".

Ruby is aluminium oxide with traces of chromium.

Cr2O3 is the chemical formula for chromium (III) oxide

Al2O3 and Cr ruby is a mixture of aluminum oxide and chromium

Chromite is the chromium ore containing iron,chromium oxide

Ruby is aluminium oxide; chromium is only a natural dopant, in traces. The concentration of chromium is not constant in rubies.

Chromium oxide: 2Cr3+ + 2O2- --> Cr2O3

Ruby is aluminium oxide (Al2O3) with chromium as an impurity.

Chromium chlorides, Chromite (FeCr2O4), and Chromium oxide (Cr2O3).

Chromium (III) oxide is produced from burning Ammonium

If this compound existed it would be called chromium heptoxide. This would imply an impossibly high oxidation number for chromium. Chromium forms a number of oxides including Cr2O3 and a chromium(VI) oxide, chromium oxide peroxide.

I would hope that "chromium" is obvious. Slightly less obvious is that "oxide" refers to the presence of oxygen.

Some chromium compounds: chromium bromides, chromium chlorides, chromium fluorides, chromium iodides, potassium dichromate, sodium chromate, chromium oxide, chromium sulfide, etc.

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